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One of the most obvious places that you can see strategic supply chain partnerships in action is the film industry. In a strategic partnership, two businesses intertwine their efforts in a certain area, such as marketing, supply chain, integration, technology, finance, or a combination of these. Sample project proposal on health and nutrition. For example, this might include one company helping the other to expand its business so that it can … The Business Partnership Proposal Template (shown above) is an efficient-type of format for those companies that desire a partnership the soonest. Sub: Business Partnership Proposal Letter. Many of the previous strategic partnership examples are also considered non-equity alliances. For example, new players in the airline industry are slow to come by. A non-equity alliance occurs when two companies mutually agree on a contractual relationship which allocates specific resources, assets, or other means to one another. The following are common types of strategic partnership. The same logic can be applied to a variety of different products, so it’s something worth considering in many situations. That’s also why the various strategic partnerships that we’ve mentioned throughout this article exist between some of the biggest names in the business. August 14, 2019 These are often based on business contracts that often don't go so far as establishing an actual partnership entity such as a joint venture. An agreement like this one allows each company to focus on what it does best. when ending your partnership proposal, there must be a clause stating your invitation. For this purpose, a business partnership proposal is prepared and presented to the potential partner to attract … Sample Proposal #1 Proposal to Assist in Reorganization at XXXXXX Situation Summary You must “jump start” people so that a new manner of working cross-function- ally—in a matrix organization—is not merely accepted, but is exploited as a high-pro-ductivity way of life. This type of strategic partnership agreement is most beneficial to small businesses with a limited selection of products and services to offer customers. In this effort, each brand relied on the other’s technology to create an extraordinary experience for customers. Thus, both the partners must agree with the decisions taken and make sure that this is specifically mentioned in the Strategic Partnership Agreement in order to avoid glitches. Companies usually enter into supply chain partnerships to cut costs, streamline processes, or improve quality. A strategic partnership is a mutually beneficial arrangement between two separate companies that do not directly compete with one another. And, both sides get to offer a more streamlined service to our customers. Think of J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures, which maintain such a partnership agreement. A strategic partnership business model is about pursuing partners not only because they provide value to you, but also because they can benefit from your company’s products, services, or brand recognition. > _____, We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company. At the very least, a strategic partnership will add value to your product or service by expanding what you have to offer. Proposals Strategic partnerships can be of different types, ranging from a simple shake hand agreement to joint ventures, contractual cooperation and even equity alliance. For those of us in the service world, it’s often an even easier decision. This template could make your partnership contract fast. A business partnership proposal is a document that presents the feasibility of a joint venture between a proponent and a prospective partner. Another fantastic example of a strategic integration partnership is the agreement between Nike and Apple. To: Richard Brown Manager Glow & Health Herbs Ltd. California. We are , a private regulatory compliance and calibration technology company in Korea. This proposal contains the proprietary information of [COMPANY B] and shall not be shared outside of the above named parties. Business Partnership Proposal Templates. Intel makes processors for many computer manufacturers. If you can make it for less yourself, then you don’t need a partner. A strategic partnership involves some shape of formal agreement between two (a bilateral partnership) or more (a network partnership) parties that have agreed to share finance, skills, information and/or other resources in the pursuit of common goals. August 16, 2019 Expectation of partnership interest and liabilities should be clearly understood beforehand. Alex is the Sr. Demand Generation Manager (formerly) at PandaDoc who handles content and crowd marketing. This paper focuses on a broad definition of a partnership. Business Partnership Proposal Template . In this case, Zydus Cadila gets to focus on manufacturing medications while Abbott India hones in on marketing the drugs. Such an agreement might exist between a digital marketing agency and a graphic designer, a web designer and a database management firm, or an Internet service provider and an email provider, just to name a few of the many possibilities. That’s why every strategic partnership is ultimately an act of leveraging costs versus return. Strategic integration partnerships can encompass agreements between hardware and software manufacturers or agreements between two software developers who partner to have their respective technologies work together in an integral (and not always exclusive) way. There must be a clear detail the ways on how it could be done. For instance, Uber and Spotify partnered together to create their “Soundtrack for Your Ride” campaign. Writing any kind of proposal can be intimidating. Let’s take a look at five common types of strategic partnerships, as well as what goes into a typical strategic partnership agreement. Preparing this proposal would entail the aid of these partnership proposal templates in ensuring that the proposal you are making is done effectively. April 10, 2019 The idea is that one company makes a product and another adds its own marketing spin to it in order to tap into a new market. (Look at Dell.) Another type of alliance is a strategic technology partnership. Projects operations the world banks projects and operations are designed to support low income and middle income countries poverty reduction strategies. A partnership is a strategic move for the Companies or individuals who want to expand, need investment or dilute the ownership for various reasons. Toyota makes engines for Lotus sports cars. A popular (and extremely valuable) type of alliance is the strategic supply chain partnership. Never enter into an alliance just for the sake of being able to say you have a strategic partner. Convince them to be a part of your organization by submitting a partnership proposal presentation. Studying the potentials, strengths, and weaknesses of the business you are planning to have a partnership with should be done first. Knowing how it is run and operated helps you decide whether to pursue the planned partnership proposal or not. Companies have long been engaging in strategic partnerships to enhance their offers and offset costs. A small business, for example, might partner with an industry-specific organization or associatio… His background covers sales, project management, and design. Partnership proposals aim to impress and to convince the potential business partner into creating a business partnership that would aid in promoting the company aside from gaining the returns of investment of the partnership. PDF; Size: 128 MB. There are 3 main types of strategic alliances: A joint venture occurs when two or more parent companies form a smaller (child) company together. In his free time, you can find him traveling, hiking or tasting local foods. Quickly Customize. ; The signatures of company officers or their designees. You want to lay everything out in print, so there are no questions of who does what later. The decision of which way to go with your business comes down to your needs and goals. Partners can choose between a 50/50 joint venture, in which both parent companies own an equal portion of the child company, and a majority-owned venture. Dear Sir, We are writing this letter in relation with the telephonic conversation we had on 20 th November, 2018 in context of … If you are already in the process of writing the proposal, you should: Business Proposal TemplatesBusiness Proposal Templates, Free Valentines Day Facebook Post Template, Free Operational Plan For Project report Template, Free World Cancer Day whatsapp image Template, Free World Cancer Day Twitter Post Template, 66+ FREE PROPOSAL Templates - Download Now, Photography Proposal [8+ Templates To Download], 5 Challenges of Writing a Good Business Proposal, Before engaging in a partnership, you should know that you should consider first the formation of the business proposal (. Therefore, a clause stating the thought mentioned in the latter shall be clearly declared in the proposal. Business Partnership Proposal Form Example. That being said, some are certainly still totally insular. The services to be performed by each partner; The terms of the agreement (percentages of profit, method of billing, etc. This type of strategic partnership involves working with IT companies to keep your business afloat. Many companies opt for quality control and auditing clauses in their partnership agreements to help maintain the integrity of the products or services that result from the partnership, so that’s something you might want to consider when creating your own agreement. If there’s an opportunity for your company to improve, chances are there’s a partner that can help you do it. Both should understand that they must commit and adhere to the terms, conditions, and policies. A strategic business partnership is nota business relationship that looks to exchange or extract value for your business from the other organization. Texas Instruments makes chips for everything you can think of. So if you want to ensure your business’s success, seeking business partners is the way to go. Start creating it with our Partnership Proposal Examples & Samples. Virtually everyone who’s anyone is partnering in some way, even if it’s not obvious to the public. Having a partnership proposal samples is the first step in doing such. Details. It conveys the objectives and benefits of the collaboration to convince the partner firm of its potential. Similar to strategic partnerships, legal strategic alliances also provide businesses with a series of advantages including additional resources, manpower, and brand power through a legal agreement. File Format. The business model should be a mutually beneficial structure, not a one-sided relationship formed solely out of a desire for additional revenue. indicate the company name and the potential challenges must be emphasized but in a very light way; this is not to create a negative impression to your potential business partner. Having a partnership proposal samples is the first step in doing such. The objective of the proposal should be written clearly so that the reader takes no time in understanding your purpose of writing the funding proposal. The Fashion Designer Strategic Partnership Proposal layout has been modified to include some extra chapters related to fashion, design, industry trends and the sale of the company's products and services. There should also be a clear understanding of the possible third-party relationship within the business. You don’t need a monthly retainer on printer servicing if you’d save more money by moving to a paperless solution. The next thing to put in mind is the relationship of the business partners to each other. The more value created by the partnership, the more strategic it is. Beginning in the early 2000s, Nike and Apple began pairing their respective products and technology to create what would eventually become Nike+. You may also see fundraising proposal examples & samples. Because finances are critically important to any business, strategic financial partnerships are among the most important relationships you can foster. clearly address what and how your potential partner can benefit in making a partnership with you. Easily Editable & Printable. Details. If you can satisfy your profit goals and customer expectations through the partnership, then it’s the right call for your business. Now let’s look at each of the 5 types of strategic partnership agreements. But there’s almost always an opportunity to either reduce the costs column or otherwise increase the bottom line in any business, and that’s where strategic partners come in handy. So again, assess the situation before signing up for any strategic partnership. The general idea is that two are better than one, and by combining resources, partner companies add advantages for both companies through the alliance. This can be a partnership between your web design firm and a specific computer repair service that you always call in exchange for a discounted rate on services. Unfortunately, as valuable as they can be, supply chain partnerships can also be among the hardest types of alliances to maintain. Best sales enablement tech practices to optimize proposal content, The difference between electronic contracts and traditional contracts, The 10 essential elements every sales proposal must have, Make your 2021 sales year better than the last... Don't miss our State of Deals 2020: Summer Edition. Liabilities and responsibilities must be equally shared by both entities too. Strategic partnerships entail companies making use of their business assets or expertise to achieve mutually beneficial goals. This may include contractors or suppliers in the business you both are undertaking. First, let’s consider why you would want to enter into a strategic partnership agreement in the first place.A strategic partnership is When looking to form a strategic partnership business model, always consider what value you can provide and as well as what resources you require. 66+ FREE PROPOSAL Templates - Download Now Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Google Docs, Adobe InDesign (INDD & IDML), Apple (MAC) Pages, Microsoft Publisher. A strategic business partnership is a long-term business relationship focused on creating joint value for two or more organizations. Typically, a strategic partnership is accomplished when two companies that are running short of funds join hands to complement each other and reach target markets, jointly accomplishing their business objectives. That each party should respect the other party’s interest and rights in the business. make sure that the document has a clear header or title stating what is is about. Some good examples of strategic partnership agreements between brands that you may have heard of include Starbucks’ in-store coffee shops at Barnes & Nobles bookstores, HP and Disney’s ultra hi-tech Mission: SPACE attraction, and Nokia and Microsoft’s joint partnership agreement to build Windows Phones. A business partnership proposal letter is written when a business person wants to get into a joint venture with another business. If you’ve ever noticed the opening credits of most movies list various oddly named companies before the film starts, it’s because movies are typically made in a supply chain method. Therefore, good faith to the partnership is clearly one of the main concerns. Pharmaceutical company, Abbott India’s agreement to market Zydus Cadila drugs across India. Presented by ; Kristen Habbestad, Office of Communications ; November 2003; 2. © 2021 PandaDoc Inc. All rights reserved. SAMPLE PROPOSAL LETTER FOR PARTNERSHIP Dear

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