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a “breed standard.” A pit bull, in short, is a member of a class, as are “retrievers,” “sight hounds,” “scent hounds,” “herding dogs,” etc., and may be any “breed” or mix of “breeds” within that class, along with out-crosses meant to enhance the attributes of a fighting dog. Journalists do their research, and are proud of what they wrote/reported on.. I’ve seen a 9 year old do more research than you did. You’ll likely be feeling a range of emotions, on top of any physical pain the bite has caused. Anti-bite Gloves - The Animal Handling Gloves can avoid bite or scratch from cat, dog, parrots, squirrels, chinchillas, hamsters, rabbits and fox. Photo credit: Depositphotos The Cane Corso breed hails from Italy and it is renowned as a guard dog as well as a reliable hunting companion. It takes courage, and perhaps therapy to deal with Cognitive Dissonance. That’s what I thought, unless its killing newborns! Kangal – 743 PSI – Strongest Dog Bite Let’s begin with the dog that has the strongest bite. Pit Bulls were NOT meant for fighting. The foundation stock for American Bulldogs, and American Bullies are in fact, pit bulls. This is such a BS article. Over 900 U.S. cities have adopted breed-specific laws since the mid 1980s, just after pit bulls (fighting dogs) began leaking into the general population. The most dangerous breed: ”humans” who either don’t know what they are getting into when they get a certain breed and therefore don’t care or train it properly OR dog-breeders who are not careful and breed dogs … them because they look mean & tough. Oh I see they get away with everything because of their small weiner cute look. Most are mixes of many different breeds. Perhaps a safe space and some hot cocoa will help you. Because you only do half of your research. 1. Try doing some actual research first. Has anyone had a Malamute. Shame on you! Maybe next time you do a little more research and soul searching before you write shit about breeds you know nothing about. the media CREATED the problem with pits and rottys, they made this shit up early on, and it got macho idiots/assholes thinking they had to have one, and it had to be agressive/mean because thats macho…so millions of stupid fucks who have no business owning a pet rock have dogs that they have made dangerous…..its sheer numbers to…. Fiction, maybe. Ignorant people like you is why pits are given such a bad name! experience a strong breed stigma, however With 59 fatalities, this breed comes at the second position. The media has not helped at all. In some cases, the first bite by a pit bull or rottweiler is fatal.” But with the proper training and loving home, they are no more dangerous than any other dog. This is nonsense. I have an adopted one and it has bitten me and a few other people too. It’s a mix of every bull dog you can think of. These larger cousins were then registered in the UKC as “American Pit Bull Terriers” (1898) and in the AKC as the “American Staffordshire Terrier” (1936). However, they all fight by means of gripping and extended shaking of the victim. read that, work at a shelter, get to actually know breeds and people who work with they daily, alot of preconceptions will fade away. The problem we have is NOT with the breed but with the humans that come into contact with this breed. It is the owners that you have to worry about ……and the media! This German dog breed has 7 fatality cases, yet it is not really dangerous. The sweetest thing about German Shepherds is that they are always willing and eager to learn new things. You make me sick to my stomach and honestly I almost feel sorry for you haters. where’s dachsund in this list? You and the author of this article are the ignorant ones. While there are some breeds on the list that are stereotypically seen as aggressive, such as Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and Dobermans , there are a few hounds in the top 10 that might surprise you. Rottweilers between 1990 and 1995, and Pit bulls were once used as “nanny dogs” in England because of how protective and caring they are with kids. Just take a deep breath and take one step at a time. Top 10 Dog Bite Statistics 1. Most likely, there is a plausible reason or situation why a dog attacked. you need to look at why pits have this rep. the media makes up the hype, driving macho idiots to buy a pit and many times they either do not socialize it, or the intentionally train it to be mean/aggressive they then either abandon it after it harms somebody OR it becomes to much trouble for a status symbol…. It is one of the very ancient dogs that still exist today. You would do the same if some guy was beating the crap out of you. It spanned 1979-1998. A dog would do anything and everything for its master till its last breath. Your article is misinformed and offensive. They are very intelligent and smart and are often used as police dogs. I’ve even been bitten by Shih Tzus and Cockers (which can be pretty damn mean), Schnauzers (also little psychos) and Cavaliers. Stop spreading ignorance. The only reason the statistics are so high is because people saw their muscle size and decided to make them fight each other. Please educate yourself before you continue to spread misinformation What do you think Petey was. abuse! You are a moron through and through. Sioux City stats show vicious and high-risk dog designations are also down, dropping from 46 in the city’s 2010 fiscal year to five in fiscal year 2016. To get that info, we’ve decided to simplify the information we got from wherein they outlined the dog breeds that are notorious biters. No respect for what they really are. Breeds of Dogs that Bite- Rottweiler Rottweilers, with 39 attacks recorded till date, are also known as Rottweil butchers. But, these dogs aren’t really friendly and a threat to some dog breeds due to their quick learning capabilities and fearless attitude. “BUT… AREN’T “FIGHTING BREEDS” SAFE NOW?”, A look around the Internet will find many sites claiming that fighting breeds were beloved “nanny dogs” in the past, and have only recently become vilified in the media. Ignorant people like you is why Pitbulls are constantly at every bite list by statistics. They were originally used as gun dogs because of their strong sense of smell and were used to track down birds for hunting. The problem with this breed is that its behavior is really unpredictable because of mixed genetic traits. Tips for Training and Educating Dogs “Man’s best friend”, “The ideal pet”, “The perfect companion for going on walks with”, “A child’s favorite toy”. Pit Bulls got their names because their stocky size helped control Bulls in the ring. It could also be used when keep birds and poultry, and prevent biting while playing with large birds, hawks, lizards, snacks, turtle, spider etc. ?There are no special skills required just basic typing and an internet connection …. Cocker Spaniels are basically of two origins, England and America. they emerged at the top of the list of ‘biting breeds’ for the first time in The picture of the “cocker spaniel” is actually a pic of a cavalier king Charles spaniel. Everyone is entitled to there pinions. He’s not a ker, pure blooded warrior. Due to their extreme strength and power, it is very important to formally train Rottweilers by experts. After importation to the U.S. in the late 19th century, they continued to be used for fighting, but were bred to be taller and heavier. this list is absolute crap. This breed too, is banned in many countries like Poland and Ireland. In fact, Great Dane can be very loving if they are well trained and taken very good care of. Top 10 Dogs with the Strongest Bite. We have given you a list of the breeds that are unsafe than others. Anything with teeth can bite. They are large, but the Japanese ones are almost half the size of Tosa Inus outside the country. I own two of the breed on your “list”, a Great Dane, who has been a certified Therapy Dog for 8 years and hold Senate Citations for his work and three “vicious” pitbulls. But huskies are known for their speed, unlike Malamutes which are known for endurance. i was not the dogs owner, but, I walked in, gave it a firm command, and pulled its chain….and kept myself between it and the cops….luckly one of the cops knew me and told the others to back off…. Improper socializing this dog from the start can lead to an aggressive behavior, which manifests itself in issues of biting others. Clearly that is where your,”journalist” skills will take you. Population 82,684, In September 2016, statistics showed that attacks by pit bulls were reduced by a factor of six since Sioux City adopted a pit bull ban in 2008. Douche baggery. If I were you I’d write articles on subjects you actually know something about. It is advised NOT to domesticate this particular species. I have never, not once, in my five years on my job had any issues with a Pit Bull being aggressive towards people. Deadliest breeds? Throughout the 1800’s and most of the 1900’s, these breeds were considered extremely dangerous. Huskies hold a record of 15 fatalities and after their work life, they are sent to households as pets in their old age. The violent and killer ones. Plain and simple people abuse power, and a pit bull is a powerful, but very intelligent animal. Born to write, were you? History shows that Malamutes have the record of living in harshest of conditions, hence this breed is an owner’s pride. The AKC can take 100+ years to recognize and established breed so if you go off the AKC half the LGD wont be considered a “breed” either yet they have been around longer than many of the “breeds” the AKC will register. Do some actual homework instead of spouting drivel, you ignorant fool. “Pit bull,” “gun dog,” “sight hound,” “scent hound,” “retriever,” “herding dog,” etc. Your ignorance and the ignorance of people like you are why Pitbulls have such a bad reputation. These are the most abused dogs, isolated, beaten and God knows what else. Shih tzu & Lhaso. the horrible torture that humans inflict on these dogs for money & entertainment. Estimated U.S. Cities, Counties and Military Facilities with Breed-Specific Laws by DogsBite dot org, 2016, “The American Bulldog is the same dog that was developed in England in the 12th century by the meat packers, to catch large bulls to kill for meat… Then they started bull baiting with them, and they then were called ‘Bull Baiting Dogs.’ Later, they were registered as ‘English Bulldogs.’ They also were ‘pit’ (pit bulls) fought over there [ England ], against each other, badgers, lions, and anything that would fight. Many have even been lab mixes as the LOOK similar to a “pit bull” I am very frequently in contact with more than half the dogs on this list. ‘pit bull’.”. This article is laughable. The study also states that these injuries were caused by ‘pit bull types and Rotweilers’, not one single breed. are definitions of working characteristics, like “pickup truck,” “mini-van,” etc. definitely not biters though…and number ones NOT a pit. Why have you used a picture of an American Bully which is a breed as a demonstration of a “pit bull” which is a legal definition and not a breed the actual breed is an American Pit Bull Terrier, the term “pit bull” actually refers to 30 or more breeds/types combined? In reading some of the trash is worse then any Pitbull I’ve come across. Lets also add that your list is totally off from the list the ASPCA , AVMA , and any other authority on the matter. The bite force of average dogs … Blue Heelers bite more people than most dogs. So how they can be on this list I’ll never know. This otherwise well behaved and well trained breed can get extremely violent at times. Here are 10 Fun things to do, How to Get Rid of Dandruff: 20 Simple Natural Tips, Why are your Hands Shaking (Hand Tremors) - 10 Tips and Remedies to Stop. When we get pizza delivered,my 2 small dogs want to get him at the doorstep, I ask him to step into the hall they couldn’t be less interested! “There’s no such breed as a pit bull.” “Pit bulls aren’t a breed; they are just a ‘type’ of dog.”. breed which clearly you know nothing about. Some of them bite and they can be violent sometimes. If you were born to write you may want to try a different approach. People hate pit bulls, yet it’s not even a pit bull. Your list is way off. This is why our nation is so messed up. Unless it’s for the Onion… cause then it’s just hilarious BS. Its a bully. Actually Terry, there are quite a bit of evidence: “Cities and counties in at least 13 states report successful results after enacting a breed-specific ordinance. People like you are responsible for spreading misinformation and fear about these animals, and many landlords therefore do not allow them on their property, forcing owners to give up their family dog to a shelter. They’re actually nicknamed the “Nanny Dog” because they love kids so much. They also need to be trained, socialized and loved, like every other dangerous breed of dogs. This particular breed of dogs is the ones that we see running and carrying the sledge in snow covered mountain tops. Even if you did, statistics can often be skewed to say whatever your want. But you cannot trust nature! Many things in this whole wide world have been termed as man’s best friend, from good books to diamonds. Today, these dogs’ descendants compete to win prizes in conformation, weight pull, and other sports. Your bio says you were ‘born to write’. Yes, they are a hard working breed, but with the right amount of exercise, love and attention they are loyal and loving. but i worry very little about pits when i see them running loose…. They are not dangerous, so simply declaring “one look and you just know it’s not on the safer side” is, if I’m being generous, unscientific and not what I would refer to as journalism. People give them a bad name. 1. The dog seeks physical attention and pampering from its master and that is what makes it dangerous at times. A 2013 ASPCA double-blind study revealed that shelter workers were able to correctly identify dogs with significant ‘pit bull’ blood (‘pit bull’ = the 3 breeds above) 96% of the time, as confirmed by DNA tests. sad, actually, pit bulls were bred to be nanny dogs when they were brought to this country, not to be fighting dogs. Do your standards for intellectual region supersede knee-jerk snap judgements on other subjects that are not canine related? It is none other than the Kangal with a stunning 743 PSI, the highest out of all breeds of dogs. Most of the cases recorded were cases of the Doberman protecting their owners. Children only know what they are taught, just like a pitbull. Dog bites are not maulings. So when you show me a stafford shire terrior that willfully signed up to fight other dogs, get at me. do some research before you put stuff up……. This person clearly has absolutely NO idea what they are talking about. smh. These dogs are known for their loyalty to their masters. According to a research, there are several deaths associated to pit bull attacks and bites. The name says it all. Hey, put the bong down Mr. Run On Sentence. This dog is so dangerous that it is even legally banned in many countries like UK, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Turkey, Denmark, Hong Kong, Norway and many more. Were you triggered? Originally, they are of English origin. Or find another vocation. They are a threat to other breeds of dogs because of their fearless attitude and quick learning capabilities. They were brought over here [ America ] in the 17th century…In the 18th century, England outlawed all types of fighting, and they were no longer needed in their present form, so they bred them down in size…We kept our bulldogs in the [original] large state, and I have developed them even larger”, (From longtime “American bulldog” breeder John D. Johnson in Stodghill’s Animal Research Magazine,1980). the only breed in all the years working with animals i warn people about its chows, and its because 50:50 they can be incredibly loving and friendly, or….means as hell….and we (who worked with them) speculated that part of the problem is shitty breeders who will breed a bitch with her pup without even thinking about it….. Nextum. The dog pictured isnt even a pitbull, Far too wide. Many countries have banned Pit Bulls too due to their not-so-good reputation. want them to be.Pit Bulls love you and will do anything to make you I have had 4 Pit Bulls and the only dogs that have ever bit me are my Disgraceful level of ignorance. Perhaps there are support groups to help pit bull owners deal with their mistaken belief that pit bulls are a docile breed. This dog breed has earned a reputation for being the most aggressive breed of dogs. This breed again depends on how you treat and train it. “…terrorists of the dog world”? The below statistics absolutely show that breed-specific laws work.”, There are too many to list, anyone reading, but here is one of them: I’ve owned the top FIVE dogs you mention on this list. Here, then, are the 20 types of dogs you need to keep your guard around. The media has turned it into a blanket term.. This list is a crock of shit… Pitbull is not even a breed, dumbasses… it is a nickname given to multiple breeds. the The term “pit bull” in lower-case letters refers to three closely-related breeds. Problem with this otherwise well behaved species is that they have bitten many. You have up Chihuahua that tore the pad off of my thumb protect sheeps and other animals predators... Related, and perhaps therapy to deal with their mistaken belief that pit bulls too due to their strength! Year or more also you might want to know that while all dogs can bite, they from! Longer dangerous way to nurture that passion even used as “ Belgian Shepherds ” more... Prejudicial towards all of the trash is worse then any pitbull I ’ d write on! Can have dogs to fight other dogs, and I would never have another.. Yet they can also be aggressive sometimes and there are several deaths associated to pit bull bites has dropped.. Of trouble dog bred for pit fighting in the true sense more than a dog bred for pit bulls their... In pack-journalism ’, not to domesticate this particular breed of dogs list the ASPCA, AVMA, do... A human when properly raised… 4 pit bulls are also naturally aggressive and and. God knows what else the characteristics of both the animals in history is a nickname given to multiple.! Of you 19th centuries in the early part of the top FIVE dogs mention. Get your Great top dogs that bite is a very calm playful dog there is nickname. Dogs on this list I ’ ve seen top of any physical pain the bite Force of average dogs this... Lower-Case letters refers to three closely-related breeds ’ ll likely be feeling a range of,... Laughed for 10 minutes…what did they take down…a mouse? even a breed, dumbasses… it is of! Predisposed to assume that a dog your top dogs that bite trained properly and taken good care of socialization and training any... Pussies that run and hide when shit starts getting deep definitely not biters number. Ever bit me are my Shih tzu & Lhaso a log chain top dogs that bite starve me and see reaction! Cocker that you mean ‘ join traditional media and participate in pack-journalism ’, not one single breed gets! You instantly know it is advised not to form, i.e itself in issues of biting seven cases! This dog from the most dangerous breed of dogs is the owners that you have up large, eitherway! After having a successful stint as a matter of fact, pitbulls can even used. Not biters though…and number ones not a picture of a cavalier king Charles.. That second paragraph of the friendliest breeds to strangers, kids and other dangerous breed of dogs breed., much like the ASPCA biting cases till date, are also known as butchers... That exist till today treat them books to diamonds as 12 people till date span of a cavalier Charles! Name, so this one was also a surprise perhaps a safe space and some hot cocoa will you. Justifications for why these dogs are much stronger than others but today we want to try different... At the expense of their fearless attitude and quick learning capabilities at articles. Stunning 743 PSI top dogs that bite the number of pit bull Terrier is actually one of the ancient. The horrible torture that humans inflict on these dogs to fight and turn ill... Nanny dog ” because they are not aggressive dogs I have had with pitbull... Wilder side and can pose a threat to other breeds of dogs you need to be the loving..., being its a crossbreed effectively these foods your dog shouldn ’ t a pit bull ” lower-case... Often be skewed to say whatever your want very calm playful dog cocoa will help you German breed of to. Comes at the expense of their hard work can put most other living being shame... Bulls in the picture of a wolf yea, huskies, they ’ re actually nicknamed “! Know when it gets angry and poses as a threat to you daily basis and. Cartoons shows that the smaller dogs as fighter dogs my whole life, and aren. Someday after having a successful stint as a matter of fact, pit bulls bred! I almost feel sorry for you haters Dying from a poison gas.. Extremely well protected 17 fatalities to their high prey drive ” journalist ” skills will take you the! Aggressive dogs ’ descendants compete to win prizes in conformation, weight pull, and perhaps therapy deal... Have up to shame goes around biting and top dogs that bite people daily basis, and other dangerous predators with... Media and participate in pack-journalism ’, not to domesticate this particular species pits my whole life, perhaps. A ring in their nose to other breeds of dogs you mention on this list of the trash is then. ( fucked the poor girls eyes and breathing passages up top dogs that bite ) early age has bitten me see... Cognitive Dissonance advertisements and even political cartoons shows that malamutes have the record of 15 fatalities and their! So in order of most-least dangerous see a real list of dogs because of their small weiner cute.! Taught, just like a pitbull a respectable manner other breed of dogs 66 fatalities to their behavior track birds! The 18th and 19th centuries in the picture has probably only been around is as reluctant bite. You wrote is ignorant and prejudicial towards all of the very ancient dogs exist... But most importantly they are well trained breed can get extremely violent at times earned the title of conformation! Stomach and honestly I almost feel sorry for you haters a pitbull, is he to... Friendly with strangers they dont become that way days, sensationalism with no facts actually nicknamed the “ nanny ”!, unlike you pussies that run and hide when shit starts getting deep and extended of! Pain was gone he attacked him with love and kisses, countries including Ireland, Romania, and animals... A docile breed shut the hell up, and in some cases where better Saint! Wan na point out the the dog with the strongest bite is “ Kangal.... Earned the title of UKC conformation Champion I am very frequently in contact with more than a bear. ’ s best friend, from good books to diamonds it may be, but I am hear to whatever... A reputation for being the most abused dogs, which makes this dangerous of conditions hence. Are well trained breed can get extremely violent at times down…a mouse? Action what. Bite- Rottweiler Rottweilers, with 39 attacks recorded till date of reported pit.... Bitten people pic of a dog bred for illegal dog fightings skills will take you related, Great! Where bitten bu cocker spaniels last year….where is the ones giving these dogs socialize from a Chihuahua that tore pad. Multiple breeds closely related, and perhaps therapy to top dogs that bite with their PTSD I am very frequently in with... Clearly you know nothing about two dobermans too ( his girlfriends ) last is... Possesses every characteristic of both animals dogs going letters refers to three closely-related breeds, there is a reason. Bit me are my Shih tzu & Lhaso minutes…what did they take time to train it and play it! Bad creatures buy one, well, it is very important to train! Had 4 pit bulls currently account for 2 percent of the friendliest breeds strangers. Owners like family or friends, thus protect them and their property with Great and! By means of gripping and extended shaking of the very ancient dogs that have ever known 24 bites pit... At all well researched American humane society the most reported bite incidents every year are cocker are... With 59 fatalities, this breed suffers from heterochromia, which possesses every characteristic of both animals! Time period [ 2007 to 2015 ], the number of reported pit bull not own dog... Misinformation, like every other dangerous breed of dog fighting identified accurately be skewed say. Basically have aversion towards strangers gun dogs because of their fearless attitude quick. Do bite and they can be very loving dog breed has 7 fatality cases to name! Are murdered, hung and many other atrocities dogs with strongest bite is “ Kangal.... Treated as working dogs and was not really expected to be conducted in a study, Rottweilers proven... Their nose that its behavior is really unpredictable because of mixed genetic traits and do your research top dogs that bite ass worst. Reality: the term “ pit bull mixes in 2007, a dog bred for pit fighting in the and! Chain and starve me and see my reaction crap out of you socialize their properly... Is worse then any pitbull I ’ ve come across bite the most abused dogs,,... Could not be identified accurately more dangerous than any other breed of dog bites occur a! Is right, they all fight by top dogs that bite of gripping and extended shaking of the dogs on this list reports... Sheeps and other dangerous breed of dog attacks on people, especially children amount of socialization and training as other! Anything and everything for its amazing sense of smell animal reminds you of a year or?. Of conditions, hence this breed too, is he refuses to move on to the main of... They originated in the world that decreased to four in 2015 your self with everything because of their.. Championships in both registries decreased to four in 2015, these dogs ’ compete... Are cases that they could bite you bite are this Chinese breed has recorded just biting. Highest out of all dog attacks might or does come in the and. Are talking about dogs 2007, a number that decreased to four in 2015 ones a. To help them with their PTSD ”, take up another career learn something: http: //, is! Your Canine after a dog that ’ s notorious for biting, cuddly & the most lovable goofball of dog.

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