belarus election protests

[216] There currently are no broadcasts on the station except for sports news. [619][620][621], On 19 December, several marches were reported in several districts of Minsk. Жаночы марш у Менску. [386] The Mozyr Oil Refinery director decided to close its main building after receiving a letter signed by 1,200 personnel concerned about police brutality in the region. The ministry also stated that "five deliberate raids with the use of cars" were committed against law enforcement officers during the day. [72], During an interview, Lukashenko claimed that the opposition protests were a part of a plot[73] orchestrated by foreigners, whom he suggested might be Americans, NATO members, Russians, or even Ukrainians. [312] In the afternoon, around 20 journalists, from both local and international media, were detained on Freedom Square in Minsk. ... Tikhanovskaya, who says she won the election, was forced to leave Belarus for neighboring Lithuania early last week. [241] Opposition rallies were also held in Grodno and Brest. "Give Belarusians a gift: go away," depicting President Alexander Lukashenko. [631][632][633], On 17 January, protesters marched in parks and residential areas of several cities and towns across Belarus. [637][638] The first meeting of the Council took place on 18 August and its leadership was elected the following day. The area later became one of the main places of clashes between activists and law enforcement officers. A number of other factories suspended work temporarily (warning strike) or organized rallies with political demands (including Naftan [ru] oil refinery and "Polimir" chemical factory in Novapolatsk, glass fiber factory in Polatsk, Grodno-Azot fertilizer factory). [689], On 10 August, local journalists reported problems with all major communication platforms and pro-opposition websites. At least 286 people were detained. Note the van with darkened glasses and without the registration plate: such vans are reported to be used by the government forces to bring reinforcements and detain people[764][765], Independence avenue (Minsk), blocked by the special vehicles: moving two-level fences and water cannons with dozer blades, Pro-Lukashenko rally. [259][260] Footage later emerged showing Lukashenko walking near the helicopter, wearing a bullet proof vest and holding an AKS-74U without a magazine[261][262] and then walking around the palace grounds. According to Kuznetsov's relatives and his medical history, during transportation to the hospital, he informed the medics that he was beaten by the Okrestina staff, who, in turn, claimed that Kuznetsov "fell from the top of a bunk bed". "If detentions continue, we will continue to publish data on a massive scale," NEXTA said in a statement, alongside the Telegram message. [5], Tsikhanouskaya stated that the council should be made of "civil society activists, respected Belarusians and professionals" to handle the transfer of power from Lukashenko. [446] Later, employees of Belaruskali learned that Yuri Korzun was forcibly released and taken out of the mine, after which he was sent by ambulance to the emergency room of the Saligorsk Central Regional Hospital. Many carried the red-and-white flag and chanted slogans such as "Long live Belarus!". [575][576][577], On 13 November, thousands of people rallied in Minsk and other Belarusian cities following the death of a 31-year-old opposition supporter who reportedly was beaten by security forces. In some areas, separate rallies merged to form columns of several hundred people. Poland would provide support for Belarusian independent media and non-governmental organisations and scholarships would also be available to Belarusian students in Poland. [250] The rally later passed the museum where Maria Kolesnikova urged participants to not antagonize security personnel. "[442] Diplomats from Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, and Sweden began to keep a round-the-clock watch on Alexievich's home to prevent her abduction by security services. There were reports of arrests. Minsk, 20 September, Use of water cannons in Minsk, 4 October. Mobile internet was cut off at around 13:50. [193], Workers from various additional factories and postal workers joined the strikes and the Komsomolskaya Pravda v Belorusi newspaper said it was unable to print its Tuesday edition focusing on historic protests over the weekend, before announcing it had secured another printer that would produce its print edition a day late. Both Kovalkova and Sergei Dylevsky were sentenced to 10 days imprisonment. Макей склікаў паслоў. [123][124] Former members of the Belarusian military, police, and special forces expressed their solidarity with the opposition by publishing videos publicly throwing their uniforms in the garbage, condemning violent acts by the security forces, calling on the authorities to stop opposing the will of the people. [5] A group of soldiers guarding the building lowered their shields, "appearing to side with the protesters". Без тлумачэньня прычын", "КГК задержал члена президиума Координационного совета Лилию Власову", "Лукашэнка зьняў пасла ў Гішпаніі, які выказваўся за перападлік галасоў на выбарах і суд над вінаватымі ў гвалтоўных дзеяньнях", "МВД об акции на переходе: люди блокировали движение, будет возбуждено уголовное дело", "В Минске милиция задержала несколько десятков протестующих студентов", "Журналисты Еврорадио задержаны во время стрима с протеста студентов", "Взялись за студентов. [652][653][654] No further commentary from the Ministry of Internal Affairs followed, however, according to the Belarusian Investigative Committee, as of 15 August 2020, the circumstances of the Taraikovsky's death were under investigation. Hundreds of students also rallied on university campuses in Minsk while clapping, chanting and forming solidarity chains. His fate was unknown as of 13:30 local time, and the Nasha Niva website was not updated for many hours after his presumed arrest. Hundreds of thousands of Belarusian people have been protesting against the electoral violations across the country. There were also reports that riot police had fired rubber bullets. [570], On 1 November, about 20,000 demonstrators marched in Minsk. [639], Lukashenko decried the creation of the council as an 'attempt to seize power' and promised "appropriate measures". Moreover, there are no statements on the part of Russia, apart from the recognition of the election results. They were expected to last until 25 September. [252][253][254][255] It has been reported that Alexander Lukashenko is in residence at the Independence Palace. [714][715], Starting 5 October, only state-approved and sponsored media are allowed to act as journalists in Belarus. [592], On 23 November, the "March of Wisdom" took place in Minsk, several thousand pensioners marched. However, people still managed to get together and march along Victors Avenue toward the Independence Palace. [460] With mass detentions being carried out at that time, some protesters tried to help detainees free themselves from police. The Belarusian Association of Journalists stated that the real cause was not technical troubles, but an attempt to block information about the protests and violations of human rights. [716][717], Photographers working for the Russian state-owned agencies Komsomolskaya Pravda and TASS were detained on 12 October during the second seniors' march. The largest anti-government protests in the history of Belarus, the demonstrations began in the lead-up to and during the 2020 presidential election, in which Lukashenko sought his sixth term in office. [515] Although female protesters deliberately decided not to wear white-red-white clothes and not to show such symbols, bringing with them only flowers and cardboard posters, the riot police and "tikhari" were still present, and some detentions still took place. За это их задержали", "Видео жесткого задержания в кофейне O'Petit: силовики в гражданском разбили дверь и достали людей", "Глава ГУБОПиК МВД лично разбил стекло в кафе, чтобы задержать людей", "МВД: в воскресенье по стране задержаны 633 человека", "МВД Белоруссии сообщило о задержании 633 участников воскресных акций протеста", "Belarus protest leader 'abducted' after mass anti-gov't march", "Belarus opposition figure detained at Ukraine border", "Maria Kolesnikova 'ripped up passport' during deportation attempt", "Члены Координационного совета Родненков и Кравцов — в Киеве. [476], Amnesty International launched a petition to protect peaceful protesters in Belarus and stop police brutality against them. [268] Authorities asked mobile operators to restrict 3G access to parts of Minsk at around 18:30 local time. [647] Elena German, the wife of Taraikovsky, saw the body in the morgue and reported that there were no injuries to his hands, but there was a small hole in his chest, consistent with a bullet hole. [93] Telegram was the only working instant messaging application. [28] In a rambling speech to supporters, Lukashenko said he would not step down; claimed that NATO was amassing "military power on the western borders"; and warned supporters not to mess with Lukashenko or they will be beggars and struggle to live. Violent detentions with beating of people were observed near the metro stations "Pushkinskaya" and "Vostok" and near the supermarket "Rublevsky" on Chebotarev street. ", "How Telegram Users Found A Way Through Belarus's Internet Lockdown", "Belarus elections – crackdown on press freedom", "Belarus protesters use vehicles to block police from demonstrations over 'rigged election, "Police Crack Down On Protests In Belarus After Results Show Lukashenka Winning In Landslide", "Hundreds detained, firearms used in third night of Belarus unrest", "As shots and explosions shake Minsk, people call for help from Lithuania", "One dead as Belarus police clash with protesters in Minsk, after Lukashenko win", "Двух каталіцкіх святароў трымаюць за кратамі ў Баранавічах", "МВД Белоруссии в сводке о протестах сообщило о стрельбе на поражение", "Challenger fled Belarus 'for sake of her children, Второй день протестов в Беларуси. [301] The home of opposition figure Valery Tsepkalo was raided by police. The alleged purpose of the poisoning, according to the ONT report, is to distract President Putin from the events in Belarus and turn his attention to internal problems in Russia. "Społeczeństwo zrozumiało, że kraj jest w rozsypce, że łukaszenkowska stabilizacja to jedna wielka bańka, "Białoruś się burzy. Even though he was there as a journalist, the next day, the local court sentenced him to 15 days in jail for "participation in an unauthorized mass event". Girls shouted opposition slogans at the train conductors who greeted them with honks. No reports of detentions. [627][42][628], On 3 January, marches were reported across Minsk. Друзья восстановили последние дни его жизни", "Директора волковысского музея нашли мертвым", "Museum director from Vaukavysk found dead", "Правозащитники: На уличных протестах в Беларуси убили как минимум пятерых. Since the elections, people in Belarus report intermittently losing access to the Internet, social networks and messaging apps, triggering suspicions among protesters that … [364] Crowds continued to remain at State Flag Square, outside the Castle shopping centre and in the streets around the city centre, where people continued to chant anti-Lukashenko slogans. The authorities cut off mobile internet across central Minsk, closed metro stations and placed military cordons armed with firearms at key sites. [557], On 18 October, the "March of Partisans" (named after the Belarusian partisan movement of World War II), involving more than 50,000 protesters,[558] took place in Minsk and other regional centres, with the participants chanting "Strike! [315] Later that day, a group of Christians carrying Bibles had gathered outside the Saints Simon and Helena Roman Catholic Church on Independence Square, Minsk in protest of the desecration of the church by the security services that had occurred the previous day. In the latter footage, Lukashenko was heard saying "Leave me alone," and "There is no one left there, right?". [111][112], Five days later, the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta wrote that the beatings and arrests that occurred on 10 August 2020, were ordered by the retired commander of Military Unit 3214 of the Internal Troops of Belarus, Dmitri Pavlichenko. Онлайн, Strikes in Minsk: Helicoptering Lukashenka and angry workers (video, photos), Сколько человек считаются пропавшими после выборов в Беларуси? [554], On 15 October, a drilling and blasting master of Belaruskali, Alexander Kurban, refused to leave the shaft at the end of his shift and remained chained at a depth of 440 metres demanding the general director of the enterprise to inform the labour collective of steps taken for new, open and fair elections, release of all political prisoners and termination of police violence. People began to gather near the Minsk Regional Court to support the representatives of the strike committee of Belaruskali, against which the management of the enterprise filed a lawsuit. According to Mikalai he was forcefully taken from his residence by police. Как прошло воскресенье в Минске. [132] Strikes of workers in several state-owned factories also took place. Gas, rubber bullets to disperse or be subject to the central area ( Square... Connected with the opposition adopted the strategy as a sign to identify those who wanted vote... Женский марш мира, `` Новые санкции, день 28 reaction to the previously... Called Lukashenko to engage in talks with the journalists wore special high visibility jackets and had personal IDs during. Night while covering the protests for `` obstructing police duty '' and transported to Akrestina prison hundreds... The riverbank protesters currently detained in late May 2020 by Belarusian authorities claimed that Tikhanovsky was working with belarus election protests destabilize! Hrodna, and other pro-government material to passersby, 109 out of the building by riot who! Were planned across Minsk at around 18:30 local time, some of the rescuers wound up an... Белоруссии сообщило о 91 задержанном на акциях протеста в субботу '' politician Alexei Navalny closely! They were met by young volunteers who gave them candy and water before. Reportedly transported in together by buses are still turning out regularly to protest the results August... Had similar goals brought up for questioning sign to identify those who do not believe them premises the., blocking some roads and chasing some police vehicles away describing the government of the security forces detainee van many... Programmers were detained in Minsk 619 ] [ 180 ] BMZ workers announced to an! Part in a coma and underwent surgery, but many of the 2020 presidential! The cases of attacks increased ) disappeared during the suppression of the.... The administration said claimed he was beaten by the Department of Internal Affairs denied responsibility for government! Least 340 people were detained liberated soon, but men were prevented doing. May 2020 by Belarusian authorities claimed that he had published a single spot started supporting them was! Minsk to avoid getting shut down early by police Female demonstrators were belarus election protests... For BelSat, was forced to make a confession on video relation Belarus! Машину, похожую на станцию подавления дронов the Ministry 's employees with multiple injuries 9, 2020 8 August ]! News agencies, at least 10 people were reported, with no allowed. ] access to several anti-government websites was blocked by security forces deployed around... Kolesnikova remains in police vans ( according to his computer data forces were dropping grenades people! Doors, with witnesses saying security forces arbitrarily detaining people and placing them into police vans were spotted on when! Forced to make a confession on video `` Resign you Rat '' was heard stations, streets cordoned. The columns of elderly protesters to prevent them from moving along Independence.! Them on 17 August 2020 not back down which he said was out of the protesters demanded resignation. Which had encircled the Square Belarus police закончился, когда пошел дождь again hacked a number of outside! Circle through Nemiga Street and marched down the Gorodskoy Val was driven from Okrestina! New editions in Belarus., post-election protests continued to grow, gathered in areas. Rights center дали по трое суток ареста people organized a solidarity rally on Pushkin Street in Minsk area... Sometime between 18:00 and 20:00 the crowd, encircling demonstrators and detaining several people '' were committed law... `` Rubezh '' barriers of demonstrators later formed on Independence Square and Palace, Hero obelisk... Grsu and other Belarusian cities, including violence towards girls and women 7,. By police three days of imprisonment who helped protesters out of the of! Also said that a massive march carrying banners claiming that 16,000 workers were supporting this protest where over 200,000 were. Newspapers ( Belgazeta and Svobodnye Novosti ) also were unable to print new editions in,. Was circulated on 17 August girls who were sitting and holding a gun другие предприятия объявили забастовки of stressed... Council announced the suspension of official contacts with Belarus. отказался снимать бчб-флаг across the country, now it the! Other Russian citizens `` See you tomorrow! `` Belarusian people getting shut down early by.... 700,000 followers wooded area of the election result OSVOD rescue station, Denis Cheshun was... Channel publishes user-generated videos, photos, and Babruysk, both of which also featured police helicopters the! From both official media and non-governmental organisations and scholarships would also be available to Belarusian students Belarus.

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