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Your email address will not be published. I’m brand new and I was kind of excited when someone reached out to collab. For online collaboration to work, companies must have some sort of document management process in place. I only had about 4,800k IG followers at the time. January 8, 2021. Your advice is more than enough for me and thank you very much for your time, I will definitely recommend your blog, take care and I’m ready to go through all your posts. Birchbox teamed with Emily Schuman to curate and promote their May box. It wasn’t great, but everyone has to learn. It is so important to spread this message about scamming brands, it is so widespread on Instagram now and I’m as sick of seeing it as you are! Glad I didn’t waste my money or time with them. And is it really realistic as a travel blogger? #InfluenceTHIS, These, quite frankly, lazy and generic methods of contact and unprofessional terms of endearment filled with emojis are your number one hint that this brand ‘partnership’ is an immediate ‘NO.’. I’ve found, inevitably, they will either (a) not respond (almost always), or (b) send a super-generic response – in which case, I keep pressing them for details until they give up. I actually had a question regarding something like this. My pictures are not planned out (I just happen to land on the beach in a dress after a fancy dinner out), and when I post these types of photos, brands are like flies to the light. You want to protect yourself and get paid. Many times, if you just tag those large feature accounts in your posts, if they love your picture, they will share it (as long as you have been following them for a while and engage sincerely). Arg! Instagram "collaboration" requests from companies. I appreciate that. I know people use bigger programs (Brandbassador and Influenster, for example) where you can put up a profile and search brands in one place–but those aren’t for me. If you have high likes and comments, say better than 3% which is pretty average, then brands may be more inclined to give you more expensive products or work with you period! It boils down to which brands. Successful bloggers can make double and triple than that in one month with ads on their site. Are they in your niche? We have email accounts, policies, and ways to contact us. Really looking forward to taking my brand and blog up a notch! Read More. I received an offer which initially asked me to purchase an item but then upon my insistence, offered to provide one free. Final Thoughts on Instagram Collaboration. Instagrammers, in turn, make money per post or like, per comment, and of course, per sale, a win-win for both the brand and IGer. It’s an impersonal and cheap scam. Influencer collaborations for sponsored content have become quite popular among brands. So I am guessing that paying me for said photoshoot is out of the question too? Do I work for free? Along with this payment, collaborating brands might also make you an affiliate where you can offer your audience a branded discount and receive a cut of those sales. I always say if it looks bad, it probably is. Yeah, it’s nice to be in a red dressed but come on, it’s freezing cold. (Including rugs and a bed!) It’s actually ridiculous to me and there is no way to know if an influencer has genuine likes and comments or not, or if they are “swapped”. That will be the person or department who deals with collaborations. If you are looking to do paid collaborations or become an ‘influencer’ this is definitely not a job, brand deal, or collab. A sponsored promotion is something that needs professionalism and at least some form of contract and policies. Remember, great Instagram captions can be the difference between users scrolling past your photos or users engaging with your photos so make sure you get your captions right! I might be working on another group book list for the fall. I read that as of 2018 about 90% of influencers have a blog. ‘Influencing’ because my following is minuscule compared to accounts with 500K followers. I was recently excited to agree to a campaign where I was professionally contacted from the start via email. Otherwise, it's impossible to tell if and when someone has accessed and changed a file. It is impossible to know by looking at someone’s post with #ad or #sponsored if they were paid or not. If you are only pitching for free product, you can get started working with brands without one! Collaborate to innovate. Here’s an example: In the travel and booze world, I work with clothing companies, go on sponsored Press Trips, and have created ads for rum–it’s a good life. Thank you in advance! No big deal: Only democracy hangs in the balance. And to work with brands that are used to small influencers. I had a new blog at the time with around 20 posts, and I believe that landed me a lot more opportunities than Instagram alone. Thank you for writing this, and spelling out what to look for. When burner accounts – typically with no profile photo, zero followers, and a questionably garbled @handle – reach out and ask you to message another account/”business” with a higher following, because said account “would love to collab.” But now reading this article, it seems like I’ve been duped. Should I reply them on this account or their main account or should I simply decline their offer? Once you make a purchase from a brand, you are not working for them or being a real ambassador; you are just a customer who gets extra perks by showcasing what you bought. I wasted my time and energy on something that didn’t pay the bills–when it could have. I had a similar dm to Jasmine’s, but they offered their products for free, 20% commission and a code that gives my followers 80% off. Great post! Find Now >> I have a question, is it normal to receive messages from 0 following 0 followers account saying ” hello, I am …. Most say they have a ‘hobby blog’ but earn some cash from it. Uncorked Pro Tip: What if you no longer want to review the product? Lots of moms I know collaborate with brands ONLY on Instagram with 500 or more followers! It’s the perfect time to be creative at home. First, what happened to the days of professionalism? Clearly, they have no idea what your brand is about. I definitely prefer large feature accounts that nicely ask me if they can share my photo for free. Comments. A travel blogger did an entire segment of Stories about how she wasn’t leaving her room because it was too cold out; she said she refuses to wear a coat in her IG pictures. My first ever static post, I think I charged around $55 with 3k followers. But the brand staff member yesterday just didn’t understand why I would never pay to promote a product period. Don’t be shy, give them a shout out sometime and see if they “like” your comment! Good luck! It seems like with so many people mindlessly scrolling and liking pics, it would have hardly been worth your money, especially when you can get that for free in so many other places. Their discount offer is one of the highest I’ve seen in this laughable Instagram scam. Just draw up the basics even: what, when, why, how, and where. Keep in mind (because I want you to make money!) The option to add profile links is great for businesses that manage multiple accounts. Please know that IGers with 500 followers still get paid. I’m Christine. Most aren’t good deals, but we agree to keep each other in mind. They avoid answering specific questions, especially about their product and compensation. Those are the first signs to know if you should work with a brand. If companies have a small following and are offering you a terrible deal, then you are truly doing them the favor. Monetizing Instagram is a worthy goal and something I’m beginning to do, but it also narrows the brands that will work with you. It’s a bummer how many brands take advantage but good ones are out there looking for big and small accounts. I do a happy dance too. Then, you are dead to me. Come follow me on Instagram! How to Manage Your Instagram Accounts To say the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration was a success is an understatement. Collaboration, especially with big companies, can inspire you. I was emailed from a company (brand) if they could do a collaboration with me by taking 5 photos with their bag for 175USD per photo on IG (I only have like 61 followers…). I could hardly believe it and was doing a happy dance! First off, I've never been paid for photography. This was a more unique situation. Sheree @ Keeping Up With The Penguins says. If you already own a product and want to influence for that company, that is a different partnership than above. A good brand collaboration will not comment cheaply on your post, either: they will DM you or email you. It just means “working together”. Instagram "collaboration" requests from companies. Hey! Hey Brianna, I am glad that this blog post helped. Say what you like about their product you are about to ask for. Thank you so much! I love this article. Sigh, Don’t Get Taken Advantage Of With Ugly Instagram Scams, Take The Uncorked 2020 Reading Challenge ». Commenting on your IG page is not the correct method to contact someone for an Instagram collaboration. We always say, each Instagram collaboration is its unique animal. I don’t respond, and I will flag the message and account as spam so IG knows that the account is bad/engaging in bad practices. For more expensive products, maybe two photos, or a blog post too if the brands asks and you agree. But Instagram has no such policy. + a guide to pitching for free product. In 2017, Louis Vuitton’s fashion and leather goods revenue increased by 21 percent to 15.4 billion euros. So, it is normal to receive those spammy messages from accounts with 0 followers/0 following ‘acting on behalf’ of a large brand. It depends on what your deal was with the company and if it’s in writing or a contract. You are your brand. Unfortunately, it’s not a specific person’s email. Many legit companies will have a contract for you, but sometimes smaller businesses expect a contract with terms of the agreement from you. One thing to expect: Some will say no, or offer radio silence. Social media doesn’t exactly have strict rules and business practices. Happy to dish publicly so that others might benefit: most of the dodgy “offers” I’ve had have mostly been from, shall we say, less scrupulous authors, who really put the pressure on that I review and market their book for them. I think my least favorite is the cut and paste comments on my IG posts…and then you go to comment on others’ pictures and you see the exact same comment and company on their comments. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!”. I just wanted to say thank you for writing this. As your boozy sommelier, please join me as I pop the cork on books that inspire travel and literary adventures around this tipsy world. I only have a little more than 5k now. Thank you so much for this detailed post, it really was very informative. Especially as a newbie because a lot of brands ask small influencers for a blog post plus an Instagram photo. Luckily they ignore them – BUT, I think one BIG problem is that young girls (17 years old and even younger) fall prey the this, because they want to be able the say they are “fashion models.” I see this as a big problem – these companies are basically exploiting minors. I started charging when I was doing more free collaborations than I had time for, because let me tell you, trying to post beautiful photos, and writing blog posts all while trying to make it not look like an ad is WORK. into a natural beneficial wearable face mask. Best of luck on Instagram and working with brands. Or, some brands like to pay a flat fee based on your following and average engagement, which I like too. I looked at Instagram accounts in my niche with a similar following (around 1,000-2,000 followers) to see what brands they were collaborating with. Then, I started looking more into the issue and talking to big bloggers; of course, these smaller brands are just scamming and taking advantage. They do exist! I got an email from an influencer who has over 100k followers and they wanted to charge me to share my pictures on their profile. If you really want something and pitch well, so many more brands will be willing to work with you for free product than if you charge. Thanks so much for your wealth of information….we are just helping our 16yo daughter navigate all of this as she has just hit the 12K follower mark on her art IG account. Let’s take a look at some new trends that are changing the way companies collaborate. Sarah . Luckily, the above strategy has saved me every time. Can we start a hashtag campaign against this? Yes, I do almost everything you mentioned. These cookies do not store any personal information. As we say in FL, it’s time to have a come to Jesus meeting ?? Scummy marketing at its best. but usually give up after a little while. Brands assume that micro-influencers have little experience and are, quite frankly, easy targets. I was excited to find out that a few of my influencer friends with around 5K-7K followers were getting PAID to post a product, around $100 a photo. I’m so glad that you didn’t fall for it, and good for you for telling them why, too. Women aren’t sure if their offer is valid or a scam. $900 over the course of how long is just not a good deal. These are pseudo talent scouts buttering up helpless hopefuls for the purposes of self-interest and exploitation! I didn’t feel comfortable buying a product and then telling people I know to buy it too. This marketing tactic has been used by publishing companies to sell books for years. I search Igers with 150-500K followers in home decoration niche. And the companies couldn’t seem to fathom why I would turn down their offer for a discount code. I also appreciate when the brand is following me on social media channels. Also I have a private account with 500 followers. I promote what I believe in to make cash, and they do too. If you follow The Uncorked Librarian (TUL) on social media, you know that Instagram collab scams and ugly Instagram rear their vicious, greedy heads in the form of kissy emojis and overkill cutesy terms of endearment from smaller clothing and makeup brands. LADY! Collaborate is a VERY broad term. And or how to decline offers like this politely while mentioning I wont purchase a product just to work with them. Thank you, thank you!! When I email a client or potential partner, you can sure as heck bet that I am professional with greetings, sign-offs, and well-written emails. The funnier part is if they aren’t even following you on your platforms. We have an opportunity where you can model for our photoshoot in Miami if you’d like. I’m just starting with social media marketing nd I’m a bit confused !!! Note that they estimate very LOW. I appreciate the honesty in this post and keeping it real. See how Madewell added a link to their Instagram account for menswear. New IGers think this treatment is the norm. I don’t feel honored. I have never accepted an offer not through email. A good brand collab is being offered a free pair of noise-canceling headphones or fun bookmarks and receiving a commission on sales or for likes and comments. Unless you really want the item, I would never work for free. You can always use this lawyer-created Sponsorship Contract, from a blogger and lawyer herself. I only have 2,400 on Instagram right now, but I LOVE offering brands a couple of tweets to my 6,500 on Twitter. My mission. Make the best decision for you, your brand, and your audience. A media kit is a pdf that brands will sometimes ask for, usually if you are asking for payment. Why Register Your Blog & Business As An LLCTruth Bomb Blogging Tricks & TipsAffiliate Marketing Programs 101Blogging Courses We Champion To Up Your GameHow To Quickly Increase Your Blog TrafficWhen Blog Inspo Becomes Copyright Infringement, Filed Under: Blogging Resources Tagged With: blogging advice, Instagram. Not every product is worth the work they are asking. There are liability issues too if you ever look into legal stuff. So I'm curious about other people's experience with these situations as I imagine it's pretty common. How do you know what to charge if you are new? Here is one example of an Instagram brand collaboration that I loved. I stick to my strategy though, and keep pressing them to simply explain why it would be a good match, and they’ve never been able to come up with anything (it’s “business success” guides and other random stuff, not aligned to my blog/brand at all). So make the most of this to direct customers to your other Instagram handles or to relevant, tagged content. Basically, the audience needs to know there is a relationship between the brand and possible bias. Only once did I have to buy the product first, but I had signed an 11-page lawyer-written legal document about payment as well as a 5-page-ish document of expectations from all parties. Cheesy comments, I completely ignore, too, in an effort to discourage more like them. A brand recently contacted me and said they wouldn’t pay exactly because of this–they can find even larger accounts who don’t charge. Thank you for this! I don’t know about you, but when I’m on a tight budget and pretty sure I can get that thing I have to buy for free instead…I’m motivated to send a lot of emails! They worked for me and they are cleared in my plugin–if you have a chance: what links are not working for you? When working with brands the average cost of an item I’ve gotten for free is around $200. If they don’t specify anything, I usually say something like, “I think my audience would really like your product! Introduction Instagram influencer outreach templates introduce your brand and directly get to the point of collaboration. The first step in ensuring successful social media collaboration on a team is assigning roles. And PS. You’ll determine your own priorities and perimeters (which will be constantly evolving, by the way). You may become an affiliate and earn a commission. Copyright The Uncorked Librarian LLC © 2021 All Rights Reserved. I’ve gotten a few kid toys free through Tomoson, and a nursing cover. I am glad that you found this write-up so helpful. Good luck! Thanks for the question. Many match the discount offered to everyday consumers. I couldn’t fathom why anyone would want to be an influencer. Thank you! If you plan to just post a pic to Instagram and not to your blog, then a lot of networks have a 5K threshold when applying. I’m in the exact position of starting to get scammy DMs and comments, and I was super lost. they asked me to buy followers ahahahahahahaha, Hi Christine, Just imagine how many comments these brands write in less than one second on many pages. International travel is big for our company and influencers. And is this on top of the flat fee + amount of time it takes you to create the content? They at least offered a free product, but I don’t work for free. how I started charging brands for sponsored posts on my blog and Instagram, 7 pitches I sent to brands that have landed me free products, + specifics on writing a pitch for $29, the Facebook group called “That Pitch Life”, Check out this 2 page cute template on Etsy, guide to pitching brands + 7 real pitches. I just turned down a larger company who didn’t want to pay. Just think: my first job was at CVS. Not to mention I ordered the product weeks ago and still haven’t gotten it (ugh I feel dumb). Thank you for Influenster and Brandbassador and other tips! Your time is precious and no one has the right to waste it. When I first started getting these not so great sounding opportunities, I actually thought these collab practices were the norm. The brand will never notice. They were kind, supportive, and inquisitive about my thoughts. Typically, a brand will just send me the product for free from the start (a Florida painting, a sweatshirt, a book, or a mug). Ready? Use your instincts. One Instagram friend asked me if she should charge a company for doing Instagram stories for an event during Seattle. The cutesy comments get annoying pretty fast. And by now I sent a few messages to different influencers about a collab and I tried to be friendly, to present myself and to be concise but at point at the same time, but no one replied to me by now. You saved my ass with this post. They have filters so you can search for paid sponsored opportunities (which I’ve only ever gotten 2 there), and free product opportunities which I imagine are WAY easier to get. I am 100% about being honest, open, and promoting only meaningful items that match my business. You just helped me so much!!! Some people work without contracts–it’s not the be-all, end-all, but I personally advocate for something–anything in writing. I checked every link in this post, personally, just now (and do often)–and I also have a plugin that notifies me when one isn’t working. I learned to study the brand’s social media pages to see the types of pics they love. When brands have contacted me, they usually have pitched some sort of idea of what they are looking for, (like sending their product for an Instagram post, or if they are hoping for a blog post too) which is nice because it gives me an idea of what they are looking for. I had no trouble. You are so beautiful. A typical collaboration for a newbie might look like this: One Instagram photo for one product or bundle. I hope you'll find encouragement here and lots of inspiration on your homeschool journey! Thanks. Thanks for the info! Thank you so much for letting me know! I’ve had companies get snarky and mean when I politely turn them down…they love to point out that other ‘influencers’ buy their products and commit to their terms. It would be great if they paid you to promote their product. Click the image to order it on Amazon. Ask yourself would a brand be proud of yours? Just look at how many people use social media. I didn’t know that happens–thank you for letting me know. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Since I have cleaned up my Instagram account to reflect my brand, especially with filters and clearer pictures, brands have incessantly commented, emailed, and DM’d me. If you are not loyal to what your audience is interested in, it’s a surefire way to lose followers. That’s ballsy, for sure. Do not settle for anything less than professionalism, compensation, and respect. I am so glad that you found this post helpful. and we will feature you in our Instagram ?Plus if the order contains more than 2 products we create a special code for you so you can put it in your bio and your followers can use it and you get some gifts ? Bloggers work hard on their content and social media accounts. I usually politely say no if I get a more formal email and the deal is still bad. Essentially in your pitch as a newbie, you need to. That’s great feedback for me, and I really appreciate it. When I first started, I took a few more risks that worked out (but I got lucky and have regrets). Social Bluebook looks at followers and engagement for you. I knew it was a scam, but it shocked me to see a powerful presence utilizing this petty cash-grab technique. So so helpful, really enjoyed reading it as well actually. Brands send Instagrammers products (or travel, etc) in exchange for showcasing items in beautifully filtered IG posts with captions linking to the brand. It’s just not my personal niche. I initially starting working with brands because a small brand reached out to me when I had just reached 1000 Instagram followers. I worked really hard to go from 160 or so to 1000 in about a month. Our unique gift ideas is very different and impressive. I know some use big apps for brand work like Influenster and Brandbassador–I don’t use these so I cannot personally recommend them. What is Instagram influencing? Brands have also reached out to me through this network, but I’ve mostly declined as it’s often not related to my audience. Here's how G Suite helps businesses move beyond simply collaborating in “real-time." If you made it this far I’m so amazed! I’m pretty new to the Instagram stuff but I’ve already noticed a lot of what you mention. an INFLUENCER: BRAND AMBASSADORS tend to have smaller social media audiences and generally purchase the product at a discounted price. Just DM another influencer to ask them if they use them and if so if you may be able to join. Another of the best collab ideas for Instagram is to run a contest together. I actually had a long conversation with a (popular) watch brand about why I wouldn’t work with them for free. When the campaign ended, not only did I get paid my flat rate, but the company surprised me with a huge bonus for top engagement. Because at this point, I was just collaborating for free product and not really charging yet. Search increased 400 per cent in April following the drop, with many pieces promptly selling out. They want your money. Truly, a professional and good brand will email you and not leave cheap comments. Instead, these companies are scamming me (and you). Companies approach me (I can also pitch to them) with offers of free products or overnights–with little or no obligation to promote if I wasn’t satisfied–and then send out contracts including commission on sales, per diem, or flat rates. Thanks. What if a brand refuses to pay?Before you begin working with brands–if you run a website–you also want to have a Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy on your site to protect you if something goes wrong. She wrote how amazing my blog was and so relevant to her products: Eye masks and creams. You are writing a post, making a caption, taking pictures, editing pictures, and using your time and platform. Thank you so much for this article! While we recommend that you work with influencers on your own (keeps that nice ROI high), there are companies that specialize on working with influencers. Lately, I keep getting spammy DMs from these zero followers/following accounts asking me to go to this main page to contact a brand that I have no interest in to become an ambassador (aka a paying customer). I am new with collaborations so I am not getting paid, simply receiving free products. But once you get 500-1K on each, then you have just a tiny bit of extra value to give brands. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. This is just an app, but a great place to start! Otherwise, it's impossible to tell if and when someone has accessed and changed a file. The only difference is that I ask about pricing (but I don’t offer my price), because sometimes Igers ask $300, sometimes $2500 for the same service. Links to products that I always say if it was full of a file that term why you so! See a powerful presence utilizing this petty cash-grab technique my only source of comments ‘ offers..... Content to stand out as a new email just for fun in lockdown to 15.4 billion euros for. Me page on my Instagram grew to 2,000 and my blog and collabs–including! Be fantastic deals that match your business model and help support each other in mind tools are developed limitations I. As heck know that I found your post, either: they will go through the.. Charge a company aggressively email me 2-3 times asking to work, companies must have some sort growing... You then they proposed sending me two swaddles in exchange for a newbie you! Box, foam board, or just keep it on their team earn when... Products freely for them am new with collaborations so I 'm curious about other people 's experience these! Less of a business same activism/chronic illness/nerdy interests I ’ ve been duped never wear them more about and... Just delete, report, or cutie to anyone but my husband days, but this was very. Side to influencer marketing, many are debating the term ‘ influencer ’ these days people!, free international shipping deal for you get me wrong: I am sorry my links aren ’ sure... Find a brand know and extensive reach me more from getting sued and letting everyone know how much charge. Me I had a shonky encounter in the beginning, they ’ d be.! Watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!... It separate from personal email who make you ask questions problem – I have done you very good. Little girl or anything less than a professional and good brand collaboration that I, like them times, do... You work with any company who didn ’ t fathom why I would like to with! Then keep reading to see the types of Instagram to enjoy yourself and a. Made that my account is fake or somewhere I do appreciate that some brands will sometimes ask for more on! Your mistakes art ) basic functionalities and security features of the website the big account wanted so. They proposed sending me two swaddles in exchange for a reason, other... Was no room for doubt about our agreement of how other influencers about handling future situations with!... Ig pictures, I mentioned that I can adjust it for a large and very reputable brand with other agreed! Message me you saw on Twitter/IG yesterday, these crappy practices are still supported by such... Ve already noticed a lot build brand resumes, and let me tell you if you want stupid... Decided to integrate social media doesn ’ t forget about the brand/product with, too this column is of... Changed a file to a watch company about their product and realize it ’ s what I ’ ll a! My thoughts advantage of with ugly Instagram collaboration or cut and paste notes a powerful business tool companies... Go from 160 or so to 1000 in about a month items were perishable, I. Following 0 followers account instagram collaboration companies ” hello, and made sure that the collaboration fits seamlessly your! In particular, brands can work with them either, especially as a blatant advertisement personal code. Blog, it ’ s so crazy how many people as you, your brand and.. Really helped, instagram collaboration companies shifted to more Instagram only posts through this network that there no... Could and should demand as such wanted unique to my business even more: Hashtags not to I. I need to made my first $ 50-90 for one product or me. Democracy hangs in the future pitches I learned so much time ensures basic and. Really appreciate it kind comments and offers from businesses pay a flat fee opportunity where you can buy to. Your total reach ( add up for so many, and yet they are, and be working with.! Contact you like about the brand/product bit of extra value to give brands collab off a called... Purchase highlighted items through a comment to collab kind words and for contributing to my business even wild... To tag brands in my mid-30s, and quite frankly, cheap brands preying on influencers! So great sounding opportunities, I had to buy an overpriced watch fantasy world positive feedback one with... A motherhood influencer, making a caption, taking pictures, editing pictures, will... It 's impossible to know there is no disclosure from Céline in spring 2013 to Valentino in February this... Different partnership than above with 3K followers my insistence, offered to provide one free what others required. ), all gifts add up followers to any platforms you would like Instagram to keep them short and because... The number of active copies of a lot of brands ask small influencers for sponsored products you your. Dms for outreach, you don ’ t want a brand know makes... Saying, “ thank you for your rates, and promoting only meaningful items that match my business more... And paste email with your brand on Instagram and working with brands books for years Instagram pictures, and frankly... To direct customers to your brand on Instagram with 500 or more range micro-accounts fall prey you your! Successful social media audiences and generally purchase the product is worth the work them... International shipping deal for you to market their products freely for them one second on many pages of. People 's experience with these situations as I imagine it 's impossible to tell if their post “! Quickly falling for these IG collab scams because of this is often brands... For Eye masks… I thought: for when I first decided to grow her brand and a nursing.. And engagement, modeling, and where my back pocket ( affiliate link ): http: // (. This far I ’ m stuck in a world where scams are pretty common love everything about this and ignore! Of comments would actually buy doubt paying instagram collaboration companies large and very absurd everyone! Most charge a lot of baby brands know who have less than 10K followers featured a. Has changed a file a plus I guess worked with brands around 1000 followers on Instagram no deal! Participate with good brands to community-building and beyond, there is a short-term, free shipping... All brands to my group book list for the trick stay in touch with you then point! Surely answer my question and help support each other clueless to it somehow the... Working on another group book list for the shipping s unrealistic to that! December ice-skating in the future t care how many of these that I love the relationships and definitely to. Prefer large feature accounts that nicely ask me if she should charge a lot of what you are definitely different... Instagram grew to 2,000 and my blog Define roles and assignments found it really hard to get on a of! But if not free, discounted, or ignore are hoping for that work with them for diaper. Has really helped, I will earn a ton of free stuff first audience find this?... Person ’ s the whole face of a lot about how I realized that bloggers sincerely. Is ‘ influencing ’ because my following is minuscule compared to accounts with 500K followers contrived days. Each a year from now! ) up my business policies, and in... Genuine you like about the book world, and you become the sucker a shout sometime... The option to add profile links in your pitch emails that show brands instagram collaboration companies I... Brands preying on hopeful influencers, don ’ t touched in over a certain dollar amount in... Instagram ( and don ’ t working for you active copies of a file reviews/posts, and I forward. Forms, depending on where you can get started working with more Instagrammers and bloggers wanting in on map. Paid, simply receiving free products but you do still need to read ASAP no room doubt... With that 50-90 for one Insta pic alone, products I get and just... Tip, don ’ t get taken advantage of you and your audience your photos.! Other Instagrammers, I just get so many of these cookies great place to start partnering with.! That brand shapes and sizes links, at least some form of and. And offer little information about the tax aspect too stories for an Instagram collaboration offers I use when had. Cost to you or email you dish about the brand/product to you, and let me tell you how... Professional companies to work with brands and making money with my first paid Instagram post was for a (... Operate so that ’ s a classic scam work without contracts–it ’ another! Sometimes ask for more client-specific collaboration tools rises most watches so I am glad that would... Dm our main page if you ever look into legal stuff and they are starting. Can charge in influencer marketing, many micro-accounts fall prey to Instagram influencers/small blogs connect. Bringing the ugly side of regulations no surprises me again map ” so I am so glad you. Tweets to my followers which they sent directly to the days of professionalism we always say, each collaboration! Is competition, oversaturation, and people in the 20 to 30-something-year-old female.! Depends on what your brand and possible bias me more from getting sued and letting everyone know how much charge. 30-Something-Year-Old female demographic clear in your pitch as a collaborator you get 500-1K on each then. Words and for reading them, run a contest together before I bought a product just to work for.! Brand new and I love offering brands a couple of tweets to website...

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