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Minimum order quantities of 1,000 units. With goals to expand uses of hemp, develop new methods for hemp cultivation and processing, and launch new hemp products – and doing so faster, cheaper, and with higher quality – it’s certain we’ll see many innovative hemp technologies debut in the future. A Quick History of Hemp in the United States. Blühen Botanicals, a new hemp processing company, announced plans today to open a hemp processing facility by the end of 2018 in Knoxville, Tenn. Our decortication plant processes this material as well. The original Temafa plant took 14 months to build with a crew of 20 to install it. Alpha Merchant Bank. Updated 9/27/19. solar, photovoltaics, PV, battery back ups) Hemp Technologies, LLC The U.S. The plant produced natural fiber and other cellulose based products (processing as many 6 tons per hour) for a number of major growth markets. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods - A vertically integrated processor based in the heart of hemp country. Description: Hemp Oil Canada was incorporated in 1998 and opened Canada’s first hemp-exclusive seed processing facility. We donate 1% of sales to non-profits as our commitment to "nourishing people and planet.". Bast fibers are flexible and are soft fibers that run lengthwise along the stems with a woody cellulosic core in the middle. The Hemp, Inc. “industrial hemp processing” (decortication) plant is a line of Temafa automated equipment, designed to separate the fiber from the core of the hemp or kenaf plant through a process known as decortication. We share our profits and energy with our workers and worthwhile causes worldwide. (e.g., under the Tariff processing Contact us with your quantity and specs, and we will have Bear Fiber or Horizon Hemp quote you.*. The company’s founders aim to make Blühen Botanicals the largest hemp biomass processing and extraction facility in Tennessee and one of the largest in the southeastern United States. Evergreen Gateway. Minnesota is pushing ahead with its industrial hemp pilot program through 2019 in order to “allow for uninterrupted production and processing of industrial hemp in Minnesota while the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) develops its processes.” The plant is the only one of its kind in the United States and will enable us to process raw hemp and kenaf from American farmers into two valuable base materials (fiber and core) that both yield hundreds of different products. ucts in the United States. We specialize in processing premium industrial hemp to create life-changing CBD products through our advancements in science, horticulture, agronomics, and genomics. The “Panda High Plains Hemp Gin,” to be located in Lubbock County, Texas, is expected to be the largest hemp decortication center in the United States and one of the largest in the world. Hemp, Inc. is passionate about eco friendly and green solutions. ISO-17025 Accredited Hemp & CBD Product Testing Founded in 2014, HempTesting is a Leading provider of hemp and CBD product testing. We are scheduled to complete the installation of the decortication plant in just under a year. We are presently receiving, certifying, packaging, and exporting 250,000+ lbs per week of Farm Bill compliant hemp. Originally published 4/19/19. These major markets included: natural fiber for thermoplastics and composites, oil well drilling fluid additives, oil and chemical spill clean up products, animal bedding products, and natural fiber for cloth. Also offering bulk wholesale, private label and custom processing. All are facing dramatic headwinds as hemp processing struggles to keep up with investor and consumer enthusiasm for the plant. Bob Hughes is currently undertaking some very important studies at a University, which will certainly position Hemp, Inc. as a leader in industrial hemp processing in the U.S.A. In the years since, we have worked passionately to expand the availability of hemp foods, while building new markets. Read the article that appeared in Freedom Leaf Magazine – Return of the Hemp Decorticator, Largest Industrial Hemp Processing Plant in America, Hemp, Inc. Because of hemp’s amazing diversity the forms of processing range from decordicating, bio-refining, pressing, grinding and extracting. It automatically separates the fiber and core from the plant and processes it into material that can be made into other products. In this report, you’ll find detailed analysis of the nation’s top 10 hemp-growing states, along with charts showing exclusive market intelligence about a crop that is not tracked by any national regulatory agency. This was no small undertaking. Hemp, Inc. purchased the largest natural fiber manufacturing and industrial hemp processing facility in North America in May of 2014 and relocated it to Spring Hope, North Carolina. The value comes from separating the two main components fiber and core, each of which can be used to make a wide range of products. American Hemp Seed Genetics is an Oregon-based company that produces high CBD seed and flower. Hemp, Inc. purchased the largest natural fiber manufacturing and industrial hemp processing facility in North America in May of 2014 and relocated it to Spring Hope, North Carolina. Hemp Oil Canada, Inc. - Procurement, processing, marketing & distribution of both retail brand hemp food and hemp body care products. Hemp, Inc. has now hired him as the V.P. Vermont Hemp Processing is the premier clearinghouse for hemp exportation in the United States. Growing Hemp in Minnesota. © Copyright 2009-2020  American Hemp, a part of Bear Fiber, Inc. *Bear Fiber and Horizon Hemp- Finished good hemp, and other sustainable textiles, private label manufacturing. Retail and wholesale. Accelerate Solar - Independent energy systems installer in North and South Carolina (i.e. Green Field Paper Company - Since 1992, our Green Field handmade papers have been crafted one sheet at a time in Southern California, while our machine-made Hemp Heritage paper (25% hemp) is manufactured exclusively for us in New England, home of the first American paper mills. Hempseed Oil, Hempseed Nut, Hempseed Nut Butter, Hempseed Flour (Protein), Hemp Milk. Initially, we will process kenaf (a legal cousin to cannabis), until industrial hemp becomes legal to grow in more states. The 5-year-old program is spearheaded by a range of administrators w… Among other things, the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA), which runs the industrial hemp program, is incredibly pro-industry and works closely with hemp farmers to get them up and running. Industrial hemp has been the focus of official interest in several States. Most bast fibers come from flax, industrial hemp, kenaf or jute. Sell Your Hemp - Vermont Hemp Processing - If you’re selling, we’re buying. Largest industrial hemp processing facility in the U.S. to be built in Shallowater By Harrison Roberts | December 10, 2019 at 10:01 AM CST - Updated December 12 at 2:15 AM LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Panda Biotech , a Dallas-based company, announced its first industrial hemp processing facility to produce high-quality, textile-grade fiber, and premium cellulose to be located in Lubbock County, … With the passing of the 2014 Farm Bill, hemp cultivation in the United States became legal after 77 years of strictly enforced prohibition. Nutiva - We sell certified organic hemp oil, gel caps, hemp and flax food bars, shelled hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, and organic coconut oil. With hemp production quadrupling in 2019 compared to 2018, many US farmers realized that there weren’t enough facilities up and running to take their raw materials. Hemp Industry Daily editor, Kristen Nichols, interviews Jody McGinness, Director at the Hemp Industries Association, on how they changed their board to give fiber and grain producers more of a say. That means it should be ready for testing by the last quarter of 2015. We already in discussion with several companies that want to purchase large amounts of this material. Our Licensed and accredited labs in the US and Canada perform extensive analyses on all forms of Hemp and CBD products, offering the highest quality analytical, R&D and consulting services. Hemp is a carbon neutral, renewal material, that can replace petroleum and lower our carbon footprint on the planet. The primary attributes that growers and manufacturers sought up until 1937 were primarily industrial in nature with hemp fiber being converted into items like twine and heavy rope for ships, hemp fabric for clothing, and paper from the woody core. Domestic Hemp Production Program establishes federal regulatory oversight of the production of hemp in the United States. At the same time, a handful of beverage companies are snapping up valuable market share in preparation for the United States’ eventual legalization of hemp-infused beverages. The Rocky Mountain state enjoys an established, long running hemp program with clear and reliable rules. Beyond that, almost all hemp processors in the United States are equipped for CBD hemp … What is an industrial hemp decortication plant? Companies … brands and add operating in the United handful of banks knowingly Cannabis Companies in 2020. the legal hemp ( U.S. to be – processor, seed producer, Hemp Farming Act of Sample list of hemp — The U.S. CBD Affiliate Website - Hemp CBD affiliate website for hemp oil tinctures, amongst other products. Hired an Industrial Fiber Expert. Hemp, Inc. Paragon Processing ― a state-of-the-art facility offering total seed-to-shelf solutions for industrial-scale hemp processing, manufacturing and storage, as well as private and white-label goods, is pleased to announce it is now open for business. As the first US-based commercial processor, Colorado Hemp Works offers natural food companies hand-crafted, on-demand industrial hemp grain processing. Agathe, MB. The United States is no longer off-limits for the largest marijuana stock in the world. Hempseed Oil, Hempseed Nut, Hempseed Nut Butter, Hempseed Flour (Protein), Hemp Milk. It’s really exciting when you realize how many products can be made from industrial hemp that are currently made from petroleum (oil). Hemp cultivation has … The high-security facility, stationed on a 38-acre property, is located 140 miles south of Denver. The 2014 Farm Bill took a step towards domestic cultivation by making it legal for states to allow industrial hemp pilot programs. The company built the 20 … We wholesale a wide range of food-grade products derived from this versatile seed, and we provide the freshest source available by processing just days before our clients’ needs. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods - A vertically integrated processor based in the heart of hemp country. 6ix Hemp Inc. is located in Denver, CO. 6ix Hemp Inc. specializes in the area of mobile on-site harvesting, decorticating and processing. Follow us on Social Media to stay informed and watch our videos on YouTube. Get In TouchAddress 1820 Industrial Cir, Ste C, Longmont, CO 80501 Phone (720) 739-SEED (7333) Toll Free (844) 904-SEED (7333) Email info@coloradohempworks.com Send Us a Message Your Name (required) Your … Robert T. (Bob) Hughes was the president of BioTech Mills, Inc. (Kenactiv Innovations, Inc.), the previous company that owned the industrial plant. The HIA stands for the manufacturing and manufacturing treatment of industrial hemp and it's opportunities in agriculture and in the marketplace. With Canada now allowing hemp production, questions have been raised about the demand for hemp … Other firms import hemp fiber or sterile hemp seed for further processing and manufacturing into products, such as paper, nutrition bars, and beer. When the 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law, hemp production became legal in the United States. Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps - We make organic and Fair Trade soaps and body care products. Spring Hope, NC, Nov. 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Hemp, Inc. (OTC PINK: HEMP), a global leader in the industrial hemp industry with bi … U.S. FDA food facility registration is required for all companies that manufacture, process, pack, or store food, beverages, or dietary supplements that may be consumed in the United States. The second largest limitation is the processing of the plant. We are a hemp processing facility located in Randolph, Vermont. Shipping can be … Besides being the founder of a number of successful technology companies, Bob holds several patents and inventions, including a patent of a “frequency agile broadband cable data network modem”, like the ones used today in many homes and businesses. CW Hemp Inc. Based in Colorado and produced by the Stanley Brothers, CW Hemp Inc. (CNSX: CWEB) is among the best-known public hemp companies in the United States. United Cannabis (OTCQB: CNAB) has announced that it has started hemp extraction services at its majority-owned processing plant in Tennessee. Other hemp/cannabis banking and payment processing companies include: Hypur. The state’s advantages go beyond the straightforward rules. Industrial hemp seed handler – … CBD companies who are not registered are not following the law and are putting their customers at unnecessary risk. Once farmers have grown their hemp the next step is to process the raw material into a variety of raw product. There are already several surrounding states growing hemp for research and we predict they will be looking for somewhere to process their crops. The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), enacted on January 4, 2011, … We’re always looking for quality natural food companies and partners. While 40 states did so to some degree, only 15 states grew hemp in 2016, with four more joining their number in 2017. solar, photovoltaics, PV, battery back ups). This aspect of the business alone could bring Hemp, Inc. millions of dollars in revenue. Reverse Stock Split – From HEMP to HEMPD, Hemp Inc. Partners With The Silver Tour to Expand Its Market Awareness Campaign, State’s first industrial hemp license goes to a Southern Oregon man, Hemp, Inc. to Sponsor 1st Annual Ascent Expo in LA. We use only organic practices. Several companies import hemp fabrics and garments into the United States. The Hemp Connoisseur - The Hemp Connoisseur is a quarterly publication whose beliefs are in educating on the environmental, economic and health benefits of the cannabis sativa plant. CEO Jerry Norton is State of Oregon appointed to Oregon’s Industrial Rules Advisory Committee. The states hemp program rules are currently under public comment. The entrepreneurial spirit found here in the United States is alive and very well. Kristen Nichols interviews HIA executive director, Jody McGinness Welcome to Vermont Hemp Processing. This was no small undertaking. Over the years, Bob has led companies from startup, to funding, to successful exit. In this summary, the Hemp Business Journal looks at some leading public hemp companies to provide a rundown about their latest happenings. solar, photovoltaics, PV, battery back ups), © Copyright 2009-2020  American Hemp, a part of, Sample List of Hemp and Renewable Companies in the United States and Canada, - Independent energy systems installer in North and South Carolina (i.e. Contact UsIf you’re interested in sourcing your hemp seed products here in the United States, please contact us. of Sales for IHM. Accelerate Solar - Independent energy systems installer in North and South Carolina (i.e. The “Panda High Plains Hemp Gin,” to be located in Lubbock County, Texas, is expected to be the largest hemp decortication center in the United States and one of the largest in the world. The core material of industrial hemp has been found to the the most absorbent natural material on the planet according to a government study. It can be used for oil spill clean up and many other industrial uses. Bast fiber is the plant fiber collected from the inner bark or “skin” that surrounds the stem of certain plants. We now export globally from our two state of the art processing facilities – one in Winnipeg, MB and another in Ste. Companies that stand to profit from growing and distributing hemp and hemp-based products stand to realize significant profits, which may mean good news for those that invest now. However, hemp and marijuana are different varieties of Cannabis sativa, which is classified as a controlled substance in the United States. That’s why hemp companies must do their due diligence or outsource the hunt to organizations like Abaca, who helps companies in Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Ohio with opening compliant bank accounts.

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