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Even if it does drive everyone else around them completely insane. Sokka's father, Hakoda, does arrive and Sokka formulates a plan of escape with him. I want you to meet someone new. Soon they were surrounded by the Fire Nation soldiers, and it seemed like they were going to be killed. Sokka held on to Toph tightly as she hung in the air. Katara: Toph: Yeah he kept shouting "Good luck returning me without the receipt!" Katara: That’s ridiculous. 1 Delivers Large-Scale Demons Vs. Samurai Warfare, Future State: Superman of Metropolis #1 Is an Action-Packed Debut, Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 Ends DC's Epic With a Grand Finale, Future State: Wonder Woman #1 Gives Yara Flor Her Own Odyssey, Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. The two along with Zuko, Suki and another inmate execute the plan and after a fight with Azula they escape the prison. Toph, however, told him that the drawing looked just like Appa to her. When she closed the hole, Sokka complained about how it was so dark in there that he could not see anything, forgetting that Toph was blind. Once Toph figures out who killed Sokka, THEN she would finally allow herself to mourn his death. In a particularly bold move, Netflix has decided to weigh in on one of the series’ most controversial topics. My Hero Academia: 10 Characters That Would Be Useless Without Their Quirks, Avatar: 5 Reasons Sokka & Toph Would Make Sense As A Couple (& 5 Why They Don't), Avatar: The Last Airbender - 5 Reasons Jet Is A Hero (& 5 He's A Villain), Avatar: The Last Airbender - 5 Reasons Aang And The Fire Lord's Fight Is The Best (& 5 It's Zuko And Katara Vs. Azula), Avatar: The Last Airbender - 5 Reasons The Western Air Temple Is A Great Episode (& 5 It Isn't), Avatar: 5 Reasons Why Aang & Katara Make Sense As A Couple (& 5 Why They Don't), Naruto: 5 Times Pain Was The Best Villian (& 5 Why It's Madara), Tower Of God: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Endorsi, Naruto: Every Villain, Ranked By Power Level, Naruto: 10 Times Characters Pushed Sasuke Into Joining Orochimaru, 10 Anime To Watch If You Liked Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt, Eternals #1 Is a Bold Relaunch for Marvel's Cosmic Gods, Magi Creators' Orient Vol. Is she crying? In Season 2, the Avatar Gang reached Ba Sing Se in search of Appa. Time to discuss the elephant in the room. Detached from Katara's and Aang's pursuit of the bending arts, he openly expressed his "bender envy." Meanwhile, Sokka was at the forefront of the Republic City project along with Zuko and Aang. Avatar: The Last Airbender - Every Main Character's Age, 10 Times Sokka & Toph Were Almost Best Friends, Avatar: 10 Quotes That Prove Toph Was The Fiercest Earthbender Alive, Avatar: Toph's 5 Best Qualities (& Her 5 Worst Flaws), Avatar: 10 Questions About Toph We Still Want Answered, Toph deflected it with the use of earthbending, Avatar: 5 Ways Toph Has Changed (& 5 She's The Same), Avatar: 10 Greatest Escapes In The Franchise, Ranked, Justice League: 10 DCAU Storylines Where Batman Is The Real Main Character, Star Wars: 10 Ways Poe Dameron Could Appear On Disney+, Avatar: 5 Characters Who Can Outsmart Sokka (& 5 Who Never Could), 5 Transformers Cartoons That Used CGI Animation (& 5 That Used 2D), The Batman & 9 Other Animated DC Shows Worth Watching, Eternals #1 Is a Bold Relaunch for Marvel's Cosmic Gods, Magi Creators' Orient Vol. In "Sokka’s Master," when the Avatar Gang was in the Fire Nation, Sokka wanted to learn professional swordsmanship. Knowing Toph she very well could have kept it secret, even denying it when Sokka brought it up. Zuko: Toph. Toph Beifong/Sokka; Toph Beifong & Sokka; Toph Beifong; Sokka (Avatar) Aang (Avatar) Katara (Avatar) Tokka - Freeform; Eventual Smut; Toph and Sokka forever; Fluff; Angst; Fluff and Angst; Porn with Feelings; Summary “I brought back some really fantastic dark kelp liquor from the South Pole," Sokka said. On the flip side Toph is super strong willed, driven, observant, hilarious, wise, and sometimes hot headed. And of course, Lin would be there to help her through it all… even though their relationship is probably pretty rocky by that point. Toph added, getting Sokka’s idea immediately. Aug 20, 2017 - Explore Natalia Rivera's board "Toph and Sokka", followed by 922 people on Pinterest. There is a significant age difference between these two. Aang fucked Toph, Sokka fucked Katara, the boys double-teamed Katara while Toph watched, Toph sucked off Sokka as Aang took her anal virginity; on and on it went until it ended with Aang pounding Toph's pussy and Sokka fucking her ass while the blind girl placed her head between Katara's legs and ate her out to orgasm. While deflecting an attack from one of the soldiers, they fell off the side of the airship. Earth. The series has an amazing final episode with high stakes. They went through a war together, not to mention dozens of smaller adventures along the way. In "The Desert," the Avatar gang got attacked by a horde of Buzzard Wasps at night. According to his sister Katara, Sokka was initially skeptical, abrasive, sexist and immature and was always sharp-witted. One can go ahead and list all of the reasons why these two should end up together, but at the end of the day, there's one unavoidable fact: Sokka and Toph would drive each other nuts in the long run. Cat will take any and every opportunity to try a new book or comic series, and has an ever-growing TBR pile that she'd rather never know the actual count of. Of all the people in the Avatar gang, Toph seemed to be the closest with Sokka. Sokka and Toph fall in love after a strange encounter, but they have to keep it a secret. On the bright side, at least they understand one another's mentality, and would be unlikely to take the bickering personally. It's just as likely that he'll find his way back to the South Pole. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Sokka: I mean, small animals are way more vicious. Toph and Sokka also shared several close bonding moments. Sokka began to thank her before he realized that she was making fun of him since she was blind and could not have seen the drawing. Ich kann nicht lesen!“ Sokka:“ Hast du gestern oder was weis ich wann einen Zettel geschrieben?“ Toph:“ Ja gestern wieso? "I am Aang's Earthbending Master." Korra get knocked out and flashes Aang, Sokka, and Toph grown up. That sometimes means that they're inclined to get into fights. Sokka said that it was probably the end and Toph started crying until Suki saved them. "Can’t get it anywhere else. Sokka took Toph and ran away from danger. They had each other’s backs in every situation. Sep 30, 2020 - Tokka - now THAT is a hug by Devfrost2000 on DeviantArt They were so sure the quick goodbyes and attitudes that ‘it’s not forever’ were all they were going to get to leave behind to their parents. She teased him back by saying “Okay, three on three plus Sokka.”. I think Sokka loves and admires all of those things about her. Some of those ships ended up becoming canon, while others did not. RELATED: Avatar: The Last Airbender - 5 Reasons Jet Is A Hero (& 5 He's A Villain). He does, at least, make sure to pick movies with a lot of talking and sound so Toph can imagine what’s happening. This indicated that he considered her to be close enough to him for him to not be offended by what she did. Neither has shown any inclination towards cleaning up after themselves, let alone other people. Before the fight started, Toph commented that they were three on three and could easily take on Azula’s group. In Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Toph has a daughter named Suyin. Even though it was an animated show for kids, there were times when it appeared like something horrible would happen to main characters like Toph. 896K 36.7K 31. He was so angry that he went into the Avatar state, and it looked like he was about to destroy everyone in front of him. The truth is, both characters tend to go off and do what they want. The two of them fought side-by-side in the final battle against Fire Lord Ozai, and Sokka shielded Toph's body with his own when it seemed like they were about to die. [Toph and Sokka explore what family can be, with a little help from Yue. Oneshot.] Azula was an indirect enemy of Toph. As fellow members of Team Avatar, Sokka & Toph naturally developed a close bond. "I thought babies didn't open their eyes this soon," he commented. All the more reason why she and Sokka could actually work out. Gemerkt von: Ikar . Sokka thought bending was what got the world in trouble in the first place, so he believed only the skill and strength of ordinary men like himself could ultimately defeat the Fire Nation. She was always the most independent of the group, even after accepting them as family, and it wouldn't be surprising as she moved to adulthood that she would value privacy again, especially considering her position in the city. Toph? This fanfic may be a bit smutty by the way, so please only read if you are 15+ sokka; toph; tokka +1 more # 18. Sokka stayed with Toph at the metalbending academy until the day of the battle for Yu Dao, when Suki arrived in a hot air balloon. Sie hat einen ziemlich sarkastischen Humor und ist oft auch sehr schadenfroh. Written for Tokka Week 2020, Day 6: Moonlight, Family. In "The Serpent’s Pass," the Avatar gang had to walk on a very narrow and dangerous path to get across. It's one of the many reasons why fans prefer the ships formed within that core group. Toph was initially conceived as a sixteen-year-old boy that was athletic and muscular, designed to be a foil to Sokka. Neither of them had ever opened up about something like this to anyone else. Sokka and Toph have fairly different goals in life. Zuko: A little. After the battle, they approached Aang and a defeated Ozai and made fun of him together. Air. Some Fire Nations soldiers caught wind of their plan and started attacking them. Toph will never admit it, but she loves it when he puts his arm around her … Sokka and Toph surfaced, both gasping for air. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. She greeted Toph and Sokka, telling them that she had found them through a complaint from Kunyo about a "dirt girl" and a "snow savage" taking over his school. day 1224 | A frozen Toph! [id: Sokka carrying Toph on his back through snow. Toph was still teaching metalbending and brought her academy to new earth kingdom cities. I'm busy. Sokka tried to contribute to the search by making a drawing of Appa to use on "Missing" posters. Meanwhile, Sokka doesn't have anything like that to tie him to the Earth Kingdom. It just means that there's more time for Toph to grow up and learn a bit more about herself (and any relationship she might want) before diving into something serious. Everyone started making fun of his drawing and saying it looked nothing like Appa. Suki: Terriers. A one-stop shop for all things video games. That's only one part of the problem here. While he was away training for his new skill, the rest of the gang members became bored without his antics. He realized his mistake and immediately apologized. That's good, in that they're working on what inspires them, but bad because there would be nobody responsible around getting things done when it was needed. Toph: Now call Suki. Ask any fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the odds are more than good that they'll list off their favorite ships from the series. Just when I think he’s gone over the deep end, he bounces right back! Aang fucked Toph, Sokka fucked Katara, the boys double-teamed Katara while Toph watched, Toph sucked off Sokka as Aang took her anal virginity; on and on it went until it ended with Aang pounding Toph's pussy and Sokka fucking her ass while the blind girl placed her head between Katara's legs and ate her out to orgasm. They came from different worlds, have different ideas of comfort, and that's really only the beginning of their differences. Like Sokka, Toph never had a direct battle with the princess with the exception of the duel at Tu Zin. Suyin’s father is never revealed, but Netflix suggests that it was actually Sokka who teamed up with Toph. For good or for ill, that's the truth. As you may have guessed by her nickname, she is also a cat lover, though truthfully she loves most animals she has the opportunity to meet. They'd never get anything done. Water. Here are 10 instances that highlighted their friendship. RELATED: Avatar: 10 Questions About Toph We Still Want Answered. All of which could be why they're attracted to one another. They're stubborn, feisty, and have unique ways of seeing and dealing with the world. You should probably sleep on the couch so no one gets the wrong idea." During Sozin's Comet, Sokka, Suki, and Toph took down a bunch of airships together. Since her main goal was to capture Aang, she considered Toph as more of an obstacle to her trophy, rather than a true enemy. Toph, snatching the phone from Zuko: You should be WAILING, you stone-cold bitch! Sokka, walking in: What the hell is happening? 38 notes. … Or rather, they do once the war itself has ended. He’s a little older and a lot wiser, and he is starting to grow into an amazing leader. She threw a huge boulder at one of the creatures and narrowly missed, crushing Sokka underneath it. He wouldn’t be intimidated or easily offended… he would see the softer side in her that other people might overlook sometimes. Sokka stood between his room and the living room, inwardly conflicted. Sokka could have saved himself if he had let go of Toph, but he held on to her and was ready to die with her. He opened up to her about Katara and how she had been such a source of strength for him. It's pretty obvious that he's Toph's first big crush. Sokka and Toph have fairly different goals in life. She puts her chin on his head and shuts her eyes from the cold.] Aug 20, 2017 - Explore Natalia Rivera's board "Toph and Sokka", followed by 922 people on Pinterest. When he saw danger, his first instinct was to save Toph, instead of simply running away to safety. Toph made a hole in the ground and everyone jumped in. Sokka held on to Toph tightly as she hung in the air. Meanwhile, Sokka doesn't have anything like that to tie him to the Earth Kingdom. There's no doubt that Sokka and Toph have two of the hottest heads in the series (though other characters also hold this title). While Sokka and Toph went to warn the Earth King about Azula’s coup, Iroh and I headed into the tunnel to rescue Katara and Zuko. RELATED: Avatar: The Last Airbender - 5 Reasons Aang And The Fire Lord's Fight Is The Best (& 5 It's Zuko And Katara Vs. Azula). With so much going on they all decided that it was time for a reunion on Ember Island to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Hundred Year War. See more ideas about avatar the last airbender, avatar airbender, the last airbender. Follow. On an individual level, and as a team. aveetheavatar. In the final battle against the Fire Nation, Toph and Sokka were on a Fire Nation airship, fighting their army. You think you have stuff all fig ured out, who’s good and who’s evil, and then people go and surprise you. Toph: Is she crying? There are a lot of arguments for and against this pairing, and five of each have been included below. The debris would have fallen right on top of Sokka and buried him underneath, but Toph deflected it with the use of earthbending. Im Mittelpunkt steht die Gute Toph leidenschaftlich gerne, notfalls holt sie sich die Aufmerksamkeit durch fiese Bemerkungen, was zeigt da… She apologized to him, and he replied that he would take care of this problem. Toph and Sokka. As their lives as adults grow more complicated, Sokka and Toph re-learn how to depend on each other. When he came back, she turned away and blushed while telling him that she did not care that he was gone. Liz Wyatt, AKA Cat, is an avid reader of books and comics of all varieties. Sokka dropped his spear and ran to the dock before jumping into the water. In the final episode of the series, Sokka has been on a long journey from where he started. She, along with Team Avatar, was often forced to dodge the attacks of Azula and her allies throughout the Earth Kingdom until the events in the Fire Nation Capital's underground bunker. Toph ist eine sehr dickköpfige, direkte, freche, aber auch schmerzhaft ehrliche Person, die nicht zögert das zu sagen, was sie denkt, auch wenn es die Gefühle anderer verletzt. Their plan was to stay hidden underground until the drill came directly above them and then sneak in once it did. Toph's words dripped with sarcasm.

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